Paul Dave: A Passionate Life Science Professional Striving to Improve Health & Well-being of the Society

 Paul Dave,  Co-Founder & CEO

Paul Dave

Co-Founder & CEO

India today stands as one of the most sought after regions to operate a business. Given the massive advantages startups can garner in the country such as tax exemptions, FDI relaxations and easy access to diverse talent pool, there has been a massive surge in the number of startups taking birth every year. As per a recent study, 2022 saw a total 24,500 new startups being registered in India, as opposed to 20,000 registered startups in 2021. This is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 25 percent from 2022 to 2027.

High success rate among startups in the region and the massive funding they are attracting in recent times are a few other key factors fuelling the startup growth in India. As a result, Stride One predicts startups alone to contribute 4-5 percent to the country’s GDP in the next five years. This phenomenon has acted a center stage for talented entrepreneurs and business professionals to showcase their industry expertise and carve a niche for themselves as well as their organization in the industry. However, this takes a lot of perseverance, in-depth industry knowledge and managerial skills to reach the pinnacle of success.

Paul Dave (Co-Founder & CEO, Navipoint Health) is one such eminent business professional who has gathered limelight through his profound industry expertise and efficient decision making ability. Having over three decades of experience in commercial, consulting and research industries, Paul specializes mainly in the areas of high performance computing, data science, biomedical science, management consulting and general management, to name a few.

“I have spent the last 30+ years building my base of experience and trying to make a difference in various fields of endeavor. I have had the opportunity to work in diverse fields including technology innovation, business strategy, business operations, professional services, basic & applied R&D, and working in multiple domains with an emphasis on bio-sciences over the last decade”, says Paul.

Having a very strong academic and professional background, Paul has studied at many internationally acclaimed educational institutions such as University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign (M.S., B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering), North western University Kellogg School of Management (MBA), and the University of Chicago (Masters of Liberal Arts, with a concentration on Ethics and Leadership). Prior to Navipoint Health, he has worked with a wide array of organizations that include startups, tech SMBs, Fortune 500 companies, global management consultancies, US national laboratories and leading academic institutions.

“I deeply value education and have pursued advanced degrees in diverse educational disciplines with the goal of complementing my real world experience with a strong
foundation of theory and a disciplined approach to opportunity identification and problem solving, be it from an engineering/scientific standpoint, business strategy/execution or ethically driven decision making and leadership”, adds Paul.

Passionate about the pharma and healthcare industries, Paul got the idea to foray into this vertical when he and his Navipoint Health Co-Founder, Dinanath Sulakhe were discussing the current industry trends and business opportunities that it presented. Thus, Navipoint Health came into existence with a vision to contribute to the rapidly evolving field of Precision Health by combining multiomics approaches to develop integrated insights and actionable guidance.

My passion for venturing into life sciences came from the confluence of disciplines that have been brought to bear in addressing some of the most challenging health and wellness issues of today

Today, Navipoint Health is on a mission to improve health & wellness in a widespread manner. As an evidence-based and result oriented organization, the company is enabling all members of the society to easily access start-of-the-art tools, scientific methods and advanced technologies to optimize their own health and well-being. Navipoint seeks to go beyond treatment of symptoms and instead to go the extra mile to understand underlying risk factors and root causes. Additionally, the company not only focuses on an individual’s genetic composition, but also on the interaction between his/ her environment, genetics and their gut health. This unique approach of dual analysis of human genomes and gut microbiomes has been a game changer for Navipoint, making it stand a notch ahead of its competition.

“My passion for venturing into life sciences came from the confluence of disciplines that have been brought to bear in addressing some of the most challenging health and wellness issues of today. Advanced computing, data sciences, AI, bioinformatics, systems biology, genetic medicine, microbiome research, behavioural change, and related fields jointly play a vital role in improving the quality of life and living. Combining my past experiences and working closely with an immensely talented team of individuals is what fuels my passion to make meaningful contributions to the life sciences sector. I try to bring a holistic perspective to my role as leader and manager within my organization and also in seeking to address the challenges found in the field of precision health today”, explains Paul.

Till date, Paul has worked with over 50 top-notch research and clinical organizations in the areas of precision medicine and precision health. Adherence to foundational organizational principles, team first, deep respect for all individuals, science-led & evidence based approach, passionate about making a difference in customers’ lives and continuous innovation are some of the major characteristics of Navipoint that have led the organization to be a successful startup.

“I am very fortunate to work with talented and driven individuals who help me keep myself updated on the fast changing fields in which we find ourselves. We try to instil the concept of a ‘learning organization’ which encourages curiosity at the individual level, sharing of knowledge & insights between team members, and striving for continuous innovation at the organizational level. My advice to youngsters aspiring to be future entrepreneurs and leaders in the life science vertical is to think deeply and stay focused about their vision and mission that led them to create a life science startup. Also, finding individuals who share similar views about the industry and are committed to the company’s ideologies will play a vital role in fulfilling the organization’s vision & mission statement. Lastly, perseverance is key for an entrepreneur; so never let temporary setbacks pose any hindrance to your long term plans”, concludes Paul.