PayInc Private Limited: Enabling Endless Possibilities

Sumit Kumar Dash,Founder & CEO

Sumit Kumar Dash

Founder & CEO

The One-Stop-Shop for Multi-faceted Financial Solutions
India has a diversified Financial Sector, undergoing rapid growth and expansion; both in terms of prompt emergence of existing Financial Services firms and, new relevant entities entering the Financial Market. In today's era oaf “Digital India", the Financial Services in India have undergone a massive evolution. However, the one element that has boosted the Financial Services the most - is Technological Advancement.

The financial institutions, insurance, healthcare, retail, trade, and commerce are also some of the other major industries that are experiencing the most needed enormous digital shift. To stay relevant and competitive, the Financial Industry must step-up, and leap on to the Digital Bandwagon!

As a step towards, `Enabling Endless Possibilities' in the Digital arena in India, PayInc Private Ltd., a Multi-Dimensional Service Provider in the financial, digital, and e-retail service space; was founded in 2019, under the able patronage of Sumiit Kumar Dash. Sumiit, backed by over a decade of relevant experience in the Fintech space, perceived Technology as a backbone of the Fintech Industry. With his vast proven experience, he was confident of the efficient deliverables and the skill sets of the available resources.

Despite the availability of skilled resources and the relevant know how; unfortunately the cost was not viable for a start-up Fintech. To break this barrier, he created a subscription-based PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, which is a proven unique and an afford-able, Technology Platform. Backed by this background, PayInc Private Ltd, a Multi-Dimensional Financial and Digital Company
was formed to provide tailor-made solutions to empower individuals spread across the remote areas of our country.

PayInc, a regulated entity under the Reserve Bank of India, with all the required licenses in place, is committed to leverage technology in providing services across the length and breadth of the country, especially in its remote areas. Powered by ubiquitous digital accessibility, the firm has been successfully bridging the digital gap in India between its urban, semi-urban, and rural counterparts.

PayInc comprises of 29 team members (18 male and 11 female), with a passion to support the common goal. The leadership team of 5 senior members believes in leading from the front by taking end-to-end responsibility of the dedicated team, along with ensuring timely deliverables. The firm thrives on a corporate culture, wherein it fosters an affable and an approachable environment, which allows fresh new ideas to stem and percolate through the organization, invigorating the brand to be as adaptive as possible.

The firm has a flat structure and everyone is easily approachable, which gives a sense of ownership to the team. Sumiit strongly believes that, "A Company is as strong as its team, and that a committed and a motivated work-force, is the building block of any organization. Therefore, Sumiit's constant endeavor is to create an exciting work environment, whereby each and every member of the team is motivated and is proud to relate to the organizational goal, as their own personal goal!"

At PayInc, all the employees are encouraged to innovate and relate to the tasks on the ground level. The process of hiring is done on the 2 key factors, wherein the team members and the senior team members are very helpful and are given adequate time to adapt to the work culture. Regular feedback and interaction with the team members on their progress, fosters a feeling of camaraderie among employees, which translates into efficient productivity.

In the current COVID crisis, all the team members are working re-motely from home. A work-from-home kit (laptop, mouse, chair, and more.) and a COVID Kit (Sanitizers, Masks, Gloves, and more.) have been provided by the company to all its team members. Also, the IT Infrastructure like internet connection has also been locally arranged. Keeping the pandemic in mind, the firm has also started flexible working hours, which encourages the team members to have a better work-life balance.

"As we are already going through the second wave of the COVID pandemic, the office workplace has not yet resumed and, currently keeping the safety of our team in mind, we do not intend to start soon. Our enthusiastic team has effectively adjust-ed to the work-from-home culture, and it has been a blessing for us that thing is functioning efficiently. Our HR team is continuously in touch with the employees to enquire about their well-being, and the COVID guidelines are also shared with them at regular intervals. We strongly believe that this is the time of sustain-ability rather than growth, and that is what we are together -currently focusing on, without compromising on our deliverables", concludes Sumiit Kumar Dash.