Pebels LLP : UX/UI and Branding Studio A Multi-Disciplinary Creative Design Agency

Sajesh Jose,  Creative Director

Sajesh Jose

Creative Director

Recently, people have started understanding the importance of a good UX design in facilitating: more customer loyalty, enhanced customer service, and more conversions. This does not happen as a result of good luck or happy accidents. The truth is that, when a planned and carefully thought out UX approach is not acknowledged, it is likely that a website will become untidy, chaotic, and overly difficult to navigate. A UX designer keen on developing design solutions that covers every aspect of a website/mobile app, from site navigation to individual page layout to create optimal interaction between businesses and potential customers, is the transformative design provider, Pebels LLP UX/UI and Branding Studio, established in the year 2015.

Pebels is a full service design studio offering creative, professional and effective graphic design across a range of applications. The company started journey with only two clients
but today, it has worked with over 55 clients including: UNIBIC, Ninjacart, Equinix,Inrootz, Rapido and more, out of which 90 percent of them are through referrals. Speaking about the inception of the company, Sajesh Jose, Creative Director, Pebels, opined, “Getting the right UX designer who is intellectual enough to understand the users, having a fair knowledge of the process, who can give right suggestions and recommendations for the clients is the need of the hour Many a times the idea and technology entailing a product will be remarkable, but when it came to user friendly experience, UI or designing, most of the start-ups failed. I saw a lot of opportunity through the loop holes of existing businesses. With the support of three eminent designers, Pebels was established."

Today, the company stands as one of the most trusted UI/UX design studio providing exceptional design with excellent imagery, text content, colour and typography

Today, the company stands as one of the most trusted UI/UX design studio providing exceptional design with excellent imagery, text content, colour and typography. The company follows a User Centric Design process. “When the
client comes to us, a workshop session is conducted where we sit with the stakeholders to listen to their ideas and give suggestions” asserts Sajesh At Pebels a complete UX process is followed from Concept creation to usability testing. The company specialises in revamping of the existing products using heuristic evaluation and conducting user interviews. New design services are leveraged through Wireframing and Prototyping. Pebels renders UX services through its expertise in information architecture. Using information architecture and wireframe, a structural design of the application including the sitemap, navigation between the elements and more are assessed. Before investing time, and effort in visual designing which takes a lot of time, a prototype is prepared with the wireframe to understand the ease of navigation and interaction. This is followed by reviews after conducting usability testing.

The company looks forward to grow as a digital design agency for all design needs, starting form logo designing to explainer videos for UX design. "We look to be the creative digital content provider for not only start-ups and but for enterprises, and MNC’s in the coming years”, concluded Sajesh.