Pedal Group: Moving Forward!

Bigyan Gupta,Founder & CEO

Bigyan Gupta

Founder & CEO

There has been a revolutionary shift in the way businesses look at their marketing activities. Everything is moving from traditional to digital marketing strategies, and using social media platforms for business portrayals are in the limelight. Digital marketing is evolving at an equal pace following this technological shift. More and more digital ways of connecting with the audience are being invented frequently. Businesses can truly expect a surge in their profit-making if they try to keep pace with the latest technologies and develop a great digital marketing strategy to work around it. These days, rich media such as videos have seen dominating the entire digital scenario. With all the trends in the marketing and advertising domain, the concept of integrated marketing, which is termed as an approach to creating a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with the brand/enterprise while attempting to meld all aspects of marketing communication is also significantly growing. And a very narrow set of brands are providing this state-of- art services to assist brands and help them devise an online identity. Among the profuse of service providers, Kathmandu-based Pedal Group is one such company that offers integrated marketing services that include all marketing, advertising, digital media communication as well as sales-related solutions under the same roof.
Having varied expertise in the advertising domain and being exposed to the market while working with several brands, Bigyan Gupta, Founder & CEO, understood that the companies in the landscape were following standalone strategies, to bridge this gap in the market and come up with a solution that caters to all the branding, promotions and sales requirements of the companies, he established Pedal Group in the year 2018. "We didn't want to keep it focused on just one concept, but serve the clients in all the ways possible. We integrate passion with creativity and professionalism to make our clients grow exponentially," says Bigyan.

Pedal Group integrates passion with creativity and professionalism to make the clients grow exponentially

Catering to best in class solutions Pedal offers services ranging from Digital Marketing to Web and Software Solutions. It is well known for services such as Creative Designs, Multi-Media, Content Creation, and Campaign Development. Along with this it also provides solutions from Event Management to Public Relations and CSR Campaigns; Experiential & Collaborative Marketing, Influential Marketing, Business Research. Department Specific Business Solutions to Executives Growth Trainings are the out-of-box offerings of the company which helps to enhance the client's business status multi-folds in various aspects. "Understanding the client's objectives meticulously and creating customized packages integrating the above-mentioned services is our forte. We develop CSR campaigns that would lead the brands to embrace the society while seasoning their business steps. We provide extensive video-photography services starting from concept development to scripts, content and story-telling to make them reach a huge number of audiences" he informs.

Pedal believes in growing together and moving forward to succeed along with all the stakeholders. `Our client is our heart, our vendor is our strength and our team our treasure. Hence, we know how to keep our heart functioning beyond optimum, sharpening our strength, and preserving our treasure,' is what Pedal exclaims through its website. In the short span of operation, the company has grown five folds in terms of revenue and it has increased the strength by multiplying the manpower as well. Scaling up to heights the company is exploring different verticals and platforms that can be utilized to ensure market growth. "We are exploring more of digital platforms and approaches at this point while we aim to be the most trusted integrated marketing company in the market," he concludes.