Pensieve: Enables Data-Driven Decisions in Legal Domain

Navaneeth Reddy,Co-founder & Head of Business
Navaneeth Reddy
Co-founder & Head of Business
Artificial intelligence(AI)in recent times has emerged as the driving force for growth across several sectors including legal technology. Legal research and document review are crucial, but at the same hand is time-consuming - be it for any lawyer, law student, and corporate and it ultimately affects the efficiency and productivity as a whole. However, helping those in this ushering era of the data-driven lawyer with AI-powered solutions is Pensieve. A Mumbai-based startup, Pensieve offers solutions aimed to decrease the productivity gap and allows legal professionals to handle important tasks such as advising clients, negotiating deals, and appearing in court instead of letting them get engage in lengthy legal research.

A problem solver to the issues of data discovery Pensieve not only aids the clients to derive intelligent insights from data but also automates the search for information in regards to the legal precedents and specific laws taken in consideration as per the needs of the lawyer. The company in order to achieve the clients’ desired goal leverages machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and AI capabilities. “Our solutions are geared to benefit the legal fraternity with ML models tailored to legal documents,” states Gaurav
Srivastava, Founder, and CEO, Pensieve.

Mitra + Smriti – A New Outlook in Legal
Keeping in mind that manual review of documents being relevant to a particular case tends to be both time-consuming and repetitive which in turn makes delays in judicial proceedings, Pensieve has developed its own flagship product ‘Mitra’, to mitigate this. An AI-powered advanced technology platform, Mitra is designed to improve the productivity of lawyers. Equipped well with ML models that run on thousands of documents to provide legal professionals the most relevant results as compared to a conventional search engine, the innovative, yet unique NLP functionality of the platform tries to make an effortless task for users to perform searches.

"Pensieve’s solution is geared to benefit the legal fraternity with ML models tailored to legal documents

Designed to intuitively understand the context and relevance of a search query and provide the case researcher with apt results, Shrivastava avers, “Its intelligent search engine goes beyond searching for keywords to populate results by ML-based algorithms that perform deep analytics. Also, it is quick to get an insight on the results selected by users and their navigation to give personalized recommendations.” Moreover, Mitra’s user interface feature document editing tools, project management capabilities, and boast a user-friendly dashboard which allows users to complete legal research without going outside of the platform environment.
As a one-stop solution for end-to-end legal research, Pensieve’s key differentiator has always been its identity, i.e.,a full-fledged AI & ML amalgamated legal tech solution provider. On the other hand, Smriti, Pensieve’s AI-powered contract lifecycle management tool helps to create a head start in the legal contract drafting process through automation and improve efficiency.

Smriti’s solution leverages NLP and ML technologies to reduce the time and effort required for drafting contracts along with identifying entities that enables client for easy modifications. In addition, the platform is well attuned with several ML algorithms for clause prediction and the suggestions are based on historical learning. “The features inbuilt in project management tools assisting one to collaborate with their peers and third-parties during the drafting and review process across the firm,” adds Srivastava.

Making Justice Affordable!
Possessing a cross-geographical relevance in accordance with the products, the company soon aims to refine its offering according to the different legal ecosystems of various countries. Moving forward, Pensieve has plans to expand to the U.S market and is already in talks with several law firms. Having a stern concern on new solutions and advancements, it envisions building a chatbot for legal research and aid lawyers. “Leveling the playing field when it comes to conducting legal research and assisting smaller legal firms that lack resources to compete with the big players in the market, we at Pensieve in the near future will work on increasing the productivity and make justice more affordable,” concludes Srivastava.