People Decode: A Pioneering Team of Experts who work Together to Serve Clients on a Broad Range of Advisory Services

  Nagesh,   CEOBy 2028,the worldwide corporate training industry, which was calculated to be worth $345.56 billion in 2021, is anticipated to reach up to $493.32 billion, with a CAGR of 8.90 percent during the forecast period between 2022 - 2028. Corporate training comprises a collection of instruction exercises designed to equip employees with the competencies they need to function more effectively at work. Employee productivity, inspiration, competence, and engagement all increase as a result of corporate training, which ultimately aids businesses in accomplishing their business plans. Virtual training techniques and face to face instructional strategies are the two distinct sorts of training methods most commonly employed. Furthermore, prominent competitors, business units, and geographical areas are taken into consideration when analyzing the corporate training industry.

Economic growth in India, in contrast to powerful nations like the United States, is currently far smaller, at around one tenth of its size. Still, some how, the corporate training industry is disproportionately tiny, accounting for even less than $1 billion in total expenditure and only 1-2 percent of personnel costs. People Decode founded in 2015, is an exemplary corporate talent acquisition and training institution determined to go above and beyond client recruitment and training goals as the industry's founders in workforce recruiting and training. By using campus employment and lateral recruitment, they leverage the experience in workforce planning and implementation.The firm was established by individuals possessing over 40 years of experience as workforce planning specialists, covering all parts of talent procurement for leadership and executive positions in the domestic and US market for customers worldwide across a range of industries and service areas.

Inception Ideology of the Company
"Ever since the establishment in 2015, we have endeavored to contribute our best to all our stake holders from a global perspective. I firmly believe that our success and growth are the results of our unimpeachable business values, commitment to our clients, care for our staff, and our proactive management approach to quality and analysis, which forms the foundation of all our business engagements", asserts Nagesh, CEO, People Decode.

People Decode entered the industry with the proposition that would address the constantly shifting nature of the sector and market interactions that call for constant skill enhancement in the technology driven segment. Additionally, the lack of a top notch level of competition across technologies has an influence on organizations' return on investment and steady growth. Corporate training must be chosen by each organization for the many benefits that it provides promoting organizations' expansion and development, delivering the greatest end-to-end IT learning services through business landscape, and the ability to alter an organization's operations and market efficiency.

Taking matters into their own hands, People Decode developed ironclad modules of personnel training for corporations. Furthermore the firm also developed a smart system which could effectively find the most suitable individuals for particular jobs. Matching an individuals' skillset and personality with a particular job and organization aids them in creating a list
of the most suitable candidates for a particular position.

Services Offered
A range of organizations of all sizes in India, the US, and other nations across the world can benefit from People Decode Solutions' first rate IT services and experienced staff. "At People Decode, we are obsessed with excellence and caring in all we do. We encourage you to partner with us for all your IT services, learning and development, talent acquisition, IT consulting, and project needs", further states Nagesh. While concentrating in the IT sector and providing a range of service verticals, the firm is shortly launching its services in more verticals.

Corporations can solve any existing talent gaps with the aid of People Decode Solutions, which delivers training opportunities for upskilling and reskilling employees

In order to boost their share in terms of revenue transactions, major players in the international corporate training market have used diversification tactics such as the implementation of innovative training techniques and training courses. Due to various advancements in rich visuals as well as the affordable e-Training components provided by training institutes there has recently been a noteworthy growth in the adoption of e-Learning services among businesses and academic institutions. The leadership is freed from having to set aside space and attention for these kinds of encounters due to such extremely interactive and captivating alternatives. "In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future", by Eric Hoffe. This time less adage holds true for both organizations and employees across the globe. It is going to be the learner's future", further adds Nagesh.

Corporations can solve any existing talent gaps with the aid of People Decode Solutions, which delivers training opportunities for upskilling and reskilling employees. They want to introduce training with a purpose, wherein learners not only pick up new information but also learn to effectively apply it. The company stands out from the competition through its cutting-edge training methodologies that are based on experiential learning via outbound training, data analytics that involves cognitive and predictive blended learning approaches continuing to support learning, LMS with learner engaging gamification, expertled live sessions with 360-degree feedback, and post training support with life time access to the training manuals.

Within its various verticals, People Decode provides On-the job training, bespoke Team-based training, Ecosystem based training, Employee skill Enhancing, Business strategy based training, E-Learning Portal, and Project Based training services. Through these services, the team offers to its clients various perks like Developing skills for real career growth, Learning from Industry experts active in their field Learning by working on real world problems, Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops, Capstone project based approach, Project based Learning, and Certifications for skills in which the learner has achieved mastery. Furthermore the firm offers top notch staffing
solutions to corporations based on their needs. Within this vertical, People Decode provides services in Leadership Hiring(IT and Non-IT), Contract/C2H Hiring, RPO Services, Permanent Hiring, Diversity Hiring, and Non-IT Hiring. These staffing solutions bring with them a range of benefits including Consultations with Staffing experts to improve the Talent Acquisition return on investment, use of advanced technologies for AI Driven Approach Predictive based hiring, quick turnaround time, the ability to tap Global Candidate network pools, Upbeat employer branding, finding the Ideal roles and responsibilities mapping, Budget conscious hiring which organizations often find themselves struggling with, and Cultural fitment mapping.

Future Roadmap
With its creative and technology driven strategy, People Decode is devoted to becoming a valued provider in training and development as well as recruitment and retention segments of the corporate lifecycle around the world. The firm is on the mission to develop into a highly effective strategic partner that would increase the company's return on investment by matching personnel with the appropriate opportunities and competency based learning initiatives that enhance organizational performance.The firm is also gearing up to launch several other business sub sectors including an e-learning portal and project consultancy services, in the near future. Their global expansion is currently underway, and in addition to having its headquarters in Bangalore, the firm has also established operations in the US and Asia-Pacific. In the coming years, the firm expects to propel as the leader in the industry.