Perdix: UX and UI Design for India Done Right

Ranju Ravindran, Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Ranju Ravindran

Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

India has an enormous and diverse consumer base. Thediversity of India provides unprecedented opportunities for designers to create solutions that tackle previously unsolvable consumer pain-points. Perdix is a firm that is doing exactly that. Ranju Ravindran, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of Perdix says, “We conduct rigorous ethnographic studies to understand the target user base of a product and perform industry standard usability tests to ensure that we always deliver a seamless product experience.”

An engaging user experience (UX) and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) is a key factor that consumers take into consideration when choosing to use a product from among other similar products. Perdix ensures that for the consumer, the experience of using a product is meaningful and intuitive, and that the experience scales as a product’s user base widens. The experience of working in varied domains like healthcare, ed-tech, fitness, ecommerce, fin-tech and more, has
equipped Perdix to work on any product catering to any user base. “It’s a joy and a challenge to work on projects involving new age interfaces like a chat UI or a voice UI, or where user experience needs to be defined across a variety of devices when the Internet of Things comes into play,” expresses Ranju. Some of their clients include The People Group, The Art of Living foundation, Eros International, Savaari Car Rentals and more.

We believe great UX and UI has to be a manifestation of a product’s value proposition to an end-user

Perdix was one of the first companies to design tailored content like emojis and stickers for messaging app users in India. They have worked with almost every messaging app including Facebook They started out three years ago, and have worked with several start-ups and multinationals. “Being a fast moving start-up ourselves, we have no trouble working with start-ups who are looking to go-to-market as soon as possible, and are working on highly user-centric solutions, and having worked with big multinationals very early on, we are also comfortable working with process-oriented larger companies with an expectation of high quality work,” adds Ranju.Messenger, Skype, Viber, LINE, WeChat, and others. “We are currently exploring
the problem of engagement between brands and consumers on messaging platforms. We’re working with a number of brands, and are creating solutions using stickers, emojis and beyond,” says Ranju. Perdix has also created concept-explainer videos for Flipkart, AskMeBazaar, Snapdeal, PhonePe, and many other companies.

What makes Perdix stand out is their experience of having worked in vastly different domains. “We follow an academic approach and have a well-defined industry standard design process,” asserts Ranju. Perdix conducts week-long design sprints before undertaking most of their projects that allow them to quickly identify and build new features for a product and test these features out, enabling the client to make an informed decision while committing to a long term investment on the project. “Creating a product experience that is appreciated by users across India’s geographically, culturally, socio-economically diverse set of users is a challenge every consumer facing product company faces. The demand for quality UX and UI design is hence, skyrocketing. Good design can help in creating a great first impression, even for products that are focused on tasks that are generally considered to be uninteresting like workforce communication (Slack) and tax filings (ClearTax). We believe that great UX and UI has to be a manifestation of a product’s value proposition to an end-user,” concludes Ranju.