Perfect Elearning: Taking A Modern Approach Towards Upskilling

Ishan Sharma ,Founder & Director

Ishan Sharma

Founder & Director

Education, now aided with technology, development tools, better software, and improved hardware, is paving the way for an entirely new way of learning. SaaS-based EdTech is not just redesigning the textbooks in a digital format but also developing applications that involve new learning architectures. By revamping traditional learning, cloud-based EdTech platforms can make learning material accessible to students anytime.

To provide the finest education, PERFECT ELEARNING, situated in Delhi- NCR, is assisting several students in achieving their professional objectives. By creating a hybrid online-offline learning paradigm that guides students to gain future-proof skills, PERFECT ELEARNING allows students and trainers to point their skills in the right direction. The PERFECT ELEARNING platform provides sector-specific online courses; Python Basics, Machine Learning with Python, Data Structures with Python, Data Science, Full Stack, Front-End Web Development, Excel, Power Bi, Digital Marketing and more. “Need for specialist content is prevalent in this sector. The market offers identical content, but the most crucial factor is who will teach this material.

We have industry experts from Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Flipkart, and Amazon with an average of seven to eight years of experience as we believe, only industry experts can assist students in learning the newest technologies. In this way, PERFECT ELEARNING can provide students with affordable information on the newest technologies”, says Ishan Sharma, Founder & Director.
PERFECT ELEARNING is aware that some students desire advancement but need help to learn new technologies owing to financial constraints, as organizations charge between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000 to teach fundamentals. When it comes to mastering technology, organizations will charge candidates between Rs.1.5 and Rs.2 lakh, which is challenging for middle-class families or those who have already taken out loans for their college studies.

Hence, PERFECT ELEARNING opted for the 'learn now, pay later' option, which resulted in the company surpassing 40,000 users within three months. Competitors in the market offer a similar option but they are using ISAs (income sharing agreements), a form of student loan. These companies charge 15 to 20 percent of the student's monthly earnings for the next three years in exchange for placement assistance. “Suppose, our cost fee is Rs.51,150, we initially charge ten percent of our cost fees and once candidates get the placement, then within three days, they pay the initial amount with 12 months of no-cost EMI options, which means they don't have to pay the remaining Rs.45,000 within three days in one go but gradually over 12 months”, explains Ishan.

PERFECT ELEARNING Believes Better People Make A Better World, As It Offers Affordable, Yet Quality Content

Overcoming Challenges
While PERFECT ELEARNING has faced many problems, the biggest one has been building the right team. To do this, the company has to find people who resemble its vision. Second, scaling the business necessitates two things, the product should be strong, with a good USP and the funds, and, while, PERFECT ELEARNING is still a bootstrapped firm, in the future, the firm is planning to raise funds from an investor. “Despite challenges, we strive to make better individuals, make a better world. For that, we provide quality content at an affordable price. I believe several Indian students have already taken out education loans upon graduation. So, it's difficult for them to take the loan further”, says Ishan.

Conclusively, no matter how prevalent AI is in the ed-tech industry, PERFECT ELEARNING believes in traditional classrooms. These offline institutions will prepare students for FAANG interviews with Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Netflix, and Facebook, among others. The company has a computer lab in Faridabad & Delhi-NCR. In addition, PERFECT ELEARNING plans to open more computer labs in Noida, Del¬hi, and Gurugram and its academy labs in southern states, especially in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana, where 75 percent of the firm students reside.