Peritus Healthcare Solutions: Comprehensive and Integrated Health Service at Your Door-steps

By Dr. Konappa and Vamsi Krishna,   Co-FoundersThere is a drastic shift in the way how the entire healthcare & wellness industry is operating. Gone are the days were healthcare service providers were part of our family. The relationship between doctors and patients has turned out to be mere professionalism and nothing else. They are just concentrating on treating the pain point on the clients but don’t have a bond that. The scenario was not the same earlier the doctors were so much attached to each of the patients and support them in all the ways possible. This was not left unnoticed by Dr. Konappa and Ram Prasad who comes with varied expertise in the healthcare landscape. To address this drawback in the market and bring back the age old practice and make doctors help patients treating them as one in the family, they established Peritus Healthcare Solutions in the year 2017.

The company is built on a strong foundation of trust and values with a passion to offer affordable health care services to one and all. As part of health care offerings, it has built a doctor driven model with specialized programs for the Palliative, Geriatric and Morbid patients to ensure their overall wellness. With a strong team that comprises of senior health care professionals, who have the motto to offer affordable health care services to one and all, Peritus is making a breakthrough in the landscape. It focuses on the ailment of the client and enhances their
overall lifestyle by supporting them in all aspects. “With a team of family physicians, paramedics, and a social psychologist, we are treat the current medical condition of the patients by creating a disease free and healthy envronment. aging,” says he.

Peritus believes in personalized home care service for the clients during illness and wellness as well

The Hyderabad based company primarily focuses to provide home-based family physician services to the patients that include both phone consultation and doctor’s visits. It tries to eliminate the need for patients to visit doctors. Additionally, it provides them with psychological or emotional support which is considered an important factor to drive well being. With all the efforts, Peritus is striving to bring back the concept of the family doctor and to make sure that our patients lead a happy, contented and stress free life.

PHCS is one among the few healthcare organizations to array IT integrated healthcare services. The specialty of this company is that it caters home deliveries in a notable traditional Indian style. "We understand the importance of recieving home care services. And based on the requirements of the patients we make the necessary arrangements to ease their endurance releasing them from other unnevessary troubles," says he.

PHCS abides by the concept of Specialist Referral to facilitate Home Medical, Counselling and Consultation & Preventive Healthcare support. With this the firm connects with specialists for any emergency health related cases. The company briefs a report on the health condition of the patients and provides it to the experts, which would help them to analyze the trauma better and provide the best suited treatment. Along with this it also assists them by fixing an appointment, co-ordinating with the doctor. It takes care of everything from hospitalization to post discharge care.

Reaching the Pinnacle of Success
Witnessing a steady growth since the start, Peritus has grown at an impeccable rate and is observing 35 to 40 per cent of annual growth in terms of clients. “Currently having our footprint in Hyderabad, we would like to expand the footprint across the state and globally as well. We are more inclined towards knowledge sharing and would like to setup exclusive geriatric training centers and also manage the old age home system,” mentions Ram Prasad.