Teenilicious: A Revolutionary Brand For Teens’ Complete Skin Care

Harshvardhan Ruia ,CEOIt is well said by Carol Burnett, "Adolescence is just one big pimple". Being a teen can be tough. This is the time when billowing of hormones emanate, resulting in the biggest horror of a teen, pimple, acne, dry patches, and other skin problems. Tackling them needs care, harsh chemicals may ruin their tender skin, and products that are kind to their skin must be chosen. There are several brands of skin care available on the market, right now. Teenilicious is the first D2C skincare company, that emphasizes teenage skincare.

There is still a lack of attention paid to the skincare needs of teenagers. Teenilicious was started in 2021 by Harshvardhan Ruia, a young and innovative entrepreneur from Kolkata. With a strong educational background and drive for success, he set out to create Teenilicious Skincare, to meet the needs of teenagers.

He and his team of 20, focuses on fostering a healthy work culture that promotes cooperation, growth, and innovation. Teenilicious is a brand focusing on teenagers' specialized skincare concerns, such as acne, personal care challenges, and overall skin health.

All the products are created by world-renowned doctors, and natural botanical ingredients bring a pleasurable experience to skincare routines. The brand emphasizes a holistic and natural approach to skincare, taking steps to guarantee that nutrients and active ingredients in their products are as natural and skin-friendly as possible. Teenilicious has a wide range of products to meet the diverse skincare needs of teenagers. The company intends to go global, utilizing digital strategies to improve brand visibility, engage customers, and drive sales.
It offers a range of skincare products designed to address specific concerns and provide effective solutions. The product line-up includes, The Hand Care range, The Tattoo Aftercare range, The Body Lotion Gold Sparkle, Hair & Body Wash range, The Sunscreen range, Men's Intimate Wash, Specialized Face Acne Care Kit, Body Acne Care Kit, and Anti-dandruff shampoo.

Teenilicious leverages technology for a seam¬less client experience. Its D2C platform enables easy browsing and purchasing. AI algorithms personalize skincare. It actively engages with clients through dig¬ital channels like social media and email marketing. It embraces technology and provides modern, innovative skincare with convenience, personalization, and engagement.

It is serving the Indian market with a clinically and botanically curated product range, proven effective. Combining unique ideas, strategic approaches, and high-quality products, including an overall approach, expert dermatologist design, natural and skin-friendly formulations, safety and quality assurance, transparency and information, and case studies makes Teenilicious different from its competitors.

Acne or no acne, you are beautiful - Teenilicious

With global expansion, it anticipates more case studies and success stories demonstrating its products' efficiency. It thrives with a diverse core team comprising dermatologists, product specialists, an R&D team, and marketing professionals. It anticipates enhancing its portfolio to address diverse needs. It prioritizes specialized skincare for teenagers, addressing concerns like acne and overall skin health. Products are crafted by renowned doctors using natural ingredients. Dermatologists ensure precision, while product developers create practical formulations.

The R&D team conducts research, and marketers drive brand promotion. The Operations and Customer Care Teams deliver exceptional customer experiences, managing operations and timely product delivery with expertise. With such a diverse range, Teenilicious aims for global expansion through digital strategies for brand visibility, customer engagement, and increased sales.