Peseva: Empowering Low Income Group and Financially Excluded with Intuitive & Tailored Financial Solutions

Sukhjinder Singh Ghotra,Founder

Sukhjinder Singh Ghotra, Founder

Pune based Fintech Company Peseva has been conferring comprehensible solutions to the small businesses and succouring them to thrive in the ecosystem. It was set in motion by Sukhjinder Singh Ghotra, a pioneer in the financial service industry. Spending considerable years in this industry made him realise that imparting payment service to people is not enough. They required basic financial products which could help the low income and the financially excluded firms procure financial independence. The inclination to facilitate small businessmen with accessibility to financial services to meet the various requirements and empower the underserved population by providing
them intuitive& tailored financial solutions, Peseva was brought into being. It is a one-stop-shop that eliminates the complexity of financial products combined with Micro saving, micro insurance and credit into one. It is bridging the digital gap by extending agent network in local areas and providing these financial services. “We have established Peseva to empower low income group or financial excluded people with financial service,” says Sukhjinder.

Peseva is a one-stop-solution provider that caters all sorts of financial requisites<

This bootstrap company had to tackle a number of challenges. The greatest stumbling block in its path was reaching out to the customers, particularly in the rural areas. The communication and behavioural gap was yet another major snag that prevented it from making any positive progress. However, Peseva very promptly perceived the formula to deal with these difficult situations. It made use of a model that leveraged technology by partnering with organizations which were already pioneering in this domain. Basically, this strategy has helped it create large
agent network that has a physical touch point in their respective local areas. To further boost up its performance and productivity, the company has been in a continual search for people who have years of experience in this domain and has great expertise in dealing with the consumers.

Incorporated in 2019, Peseva has already blooming extensively. It is witnessing a 40-50 per cent growth every month. In such a short period of time it has performed so well that in today’s date it is already counted amongst the top financial service providers. The company is backed by a team of 15 people which is expected to mount up to 100 by the end of this year. The company has extended its presences to almost seven states, 200 cities and over 6000 villages and slums in India and aims to cover all the remaining provinces in the near future. To its record, it has reached the milestone of having 70,000 customers on board and 18,000 touch points in the regions it is already operating. “Our biggest dream today is to be a working PAN India which we are making possible by partnering up with various organisations,” states Sukhjinder.

To put it in a few words, Peseva is working towards financial inclusion of its customers across India with the view to spread financial literacy. It is a one-stop-solution provider that caters all sorts of financial requirements.