Petmojo: One of India's Leading & Fastest Growing Pet Care Platform

 Jiten Kakar,   CEOGiven the increasing trend of owning pets these days, particularly in metropolitan areas, the pet care industry in India is currently expanding significantly. A rising middle class, altered lifestyles, and more knowledge of the advantages when it comes to owning a pet are the growing trends driving the segment’s growth. Further, the demand for wellness services and preventive healthcare is also being driven by the emphasis on pet health and wellness. In the upcoming years, the pet care sector in India is expected to expand further.

With the sole mission of offering pets the care and training they need and deserve, Petmojo was created. Petmojo is headquartered in Delhi, with clients and team members spread across India. The goal of Petmojo is to create a structured economy that will benefit animals, accommodate their needs for a lifestyle, and allow both pet parents and service providers like trainers and groomers to make money. It continuously aspires to innovate and modify its services to offer the most outstanding care for animals while also catering to the evolving lifestyle and financial trends of pet parents. The company adjusts its services to satisfy their needs in light of the evolving perspectives of urban pet parents.

For over two years, the company has conducted market research and analysis to
develop customer centric, individualized, instructional services for pet parents. Petmojo focuses on the rising demand for pet care services brought on by urban pet parents' who lack free time. It provides a variety of individualized pet care services, such as dog walking, pet boarding, grooming, and training. Further, pet security and welfare are its top priorities. The tools and supplies used for the services are all of high quality grade. Also, the company offers services that support ideal mental wellness for pets. Its services guarantee the pet's overall well-being, including physical, social, and mental health. The firm aspires to offer a pleasant, friendly, and stress-free atmosphere for both pets and pet parents. Given how crucial veterinary care is to a pet's health, Petmojo has also added several verified vets to its network.

Petmojo’s goal is to create a holistic ecosystem of worldclass and certified care services to pets while being a secure, dependable and convenient partner to the pet parents

Petmojo's success and competitive edge in the pet care sector are attributed to several aspects, including compassionate pet care, services that are backed by science and driven by technology, door step service deliver ability, highly trained Petmojo partners, and a customer-centric approach. The company's most valuable USPs is its genuine love and empathy for animals and animal care. The company uses its technologies to the advantage of both pets and pet parents. For pet parents to monitor their pet's progress during sessions with its service providers, it has integrated GPS tracking into its app, adding an extra degree of assurance. The company had many obstacles along the way, but it is glad to state that it now successfully manages several services and is an aggregator platform that supports livelihoods of more than 1000 partners and caters to a community of more than 25,000 pet parents in India.

“Our brand, which was incubated at PIEDS, the Technology Business Incubator of BITS Pilani, has emerged victorious in the Pilani Sharks competition at BGM'23 and is now a part of the GSF Winter Academy, thanks to the support of Startup India and 25 other angel investors. Soon,, we want to be your one-stop shop for all pet care requirements. Our goal is to build a strong ecosystem that not only provides a wide range of services but also makes use of technology to give clients a simple and convenient experience and guarantee that we stay at the top of the field”, concludes Jiten Kakar, CEO of Petmojo.