Pingala Software: Bridging the gap between Society and Technology

Vinay Krishna,   FounderTechnology has penetrated the business ecosystem all across the world in such a way that it has become hard for companies to exclude this aspect when it comes to ideation of newer products and services. The existing systems are being replaced by the modern innovations and the concept of Blockchain is being used substantially in order to bring about a new era of user interface for businesses. Having 19 years of prolonged experience in the software industry and having worked with several product companies and startups, Vinay Krishna could understood the need of the blockchain technology and came up with Pingala Software in the year of 2016.

“Even though I was working full time, I was simultaneously experimenting on simple technological solutions myself. Initially, I came up with and an IoT application that gained acceptance in the market and could be termed as successful. From a B2B perspective, businesses face a IoT of problems on a day to day basis and technology can be used to derive simple solutions for those problems. So, I thought of starting my own company primarily
focused on the blockchain technology with like minded people”, says Vinay Krishna, Founder, Pingala Software.

Emerging as one of the key blockchain players of the country, Pingala has successful in executing several high end projects

Products and Market Structure
For any idea to get implemented, capital requirement is a priority. Being an industry veteran, Vinay found out a way to bootstrap Pingala Software. The company is bent on securing a systematic cash flow so that reinvesting on a new idea does not take much time. The company has been successful in launching three products within this short period of time and has acquired twenty clients that include startups and product companies as well.

“One of the products which I am proud of is the LedgerMail that is the world's first e-mail service on blockchain. It integrates with browsers and existing email web apps to allow easy access to ledger mail and send private, secure and encrypted emails. And we have built this blockchain product on our own blockchain technology and haven't used any existing technology in the market. We have built our products from scratch and are getting very good market response out of these from corporate companies, government establishments and also security agencies. Another product MyRapo which is used for collecting
feedback and even providing e-certificates has also been developed by us. Mostly the target market for this product is conferences or events. We started building this product for our own purpose where we were trying to get feedback of the customer and slowly we found that people like it as well”, states Mr. Krishna.

Growth Encountered and Road Ahead
Emerging as one of the key block chain players of the country, Pingala has been successful in executing several high end projects. With the help of blockchain, Pingala has worked on the Proof of Concepts (PoC) of the govern government of UAE’s land registry operations that is completely based on the hyper ledger technology. It has created PoC for boarding passes provided against successful flight bookings and is in conversation with Mumbai and Delhi airports for the implementation of the same. Pingala is a technical partner of cWallet and at present developing a world class cross border remittance platform on blockchain for Low income migrant workers in Qatar as well as Kuwait and Oman. Pingala Software has also been part of two of the blockchain conferences held in the country. One of them is Block Mumbai conference and IIM Lucknow’s blockchain conference in their Noida campus. The company has been growing at a rate of 100 percent year on year. “This technology can be implemented in multiple use cases although the technology and the market is not fully matured. We want to play a bigger role and become one of the key players of blockchain in times to come”, he concludes.