Pingbix: Simplifying the Integration of Communications Capabilities

Gaurav Sinha,    Director

Gaurav Sinha


The seismic changes the world is going through will significantly influence how businesses conduct their relationships with customers and employees. The company's communication with customers, stakeholders, and employees is constantly evolving. Digital communication strategies have enabled businesses to take giant strides in engaging with their customers innovatively. Direct engagement with target audiences through social media plays a vital part in business communication strategies. Business communications trends indicate that mobile voice and SMS classics are conceding a little ground to messaging apps, embedded voice calling, and video chat. A company's approach cannot be a one size-fits-all solution, so they need to strategize the medium of conversation and craft the content per user's preferences. Established in 2018, Pingbix is the leading omnichannel business communication platform that helps businesses to make real-time engagements with their users.

Companies need to adapt to the needs and diversity of target audiences, internal and external, by creating bespoke content that is value driven, immediate, engaging, and most importantly, helpful. Pingbix started with the name of Colortext with the vision of total customer satisfaction in the business communication field. They believe in change and adding new possibilities. In 2020, the organization emerged with a new name Pingbix and the latest advanced technology to lead the way towards success. Pingbix provides personalized support to the brands and has helped every partner who has made a difference in their ROI and more efficient operations. It has built the technology to enable last mile communication for the clients with their users.

Pingbix strives to continually build platforms that automate customer support tasks and helps companies deliver delightful experiences to their customers across multiple channels. It helps to select and integrate what is in demand in the market and apply it to the next generation of business. They not only provide accessible services and innovative technology, but their team is available round the clock to address the queries. Client satisfaction being the number one priority, over the years, the brand has garnered a loyal yet well-known client base. "Pingbix is for customer delight, which gives it strength and motivation to work more closely with every client", speaks Gaurav. S, Managing Director, Pingbix.

Engagement and Connectivity at the Core
Pingbix is the leading business communication platform that enables the business to grow through an omnichannel platform with SMS and WABA, which can process millions of data in seconds. They have focused on WhatsApp for business API and SMS services from inception and have added new services like different plugins in kart like Hub-Spot, Zapier, Shopify, and more. Pingbix offers an array of intelligently designed applications that adapt to the requirements of enterprises. Users can connect with brands with one action and get the desired information. The company has made the platform talk to the users with a single click at a minimal cost. They also deal in voice-based products like IVR, OBD, and email.

Pingbix makes SMS more friendly for business text messages received on Android by displaying the brand and authenticating that the company sent the message. They have helped every brand with distributed ledger technology (DLT) best practices. Their experienced team has understood and made the document for all the channels, whether SMS or WhatsApp, which help brands with immediate road blockage. Since the industry is moving more to a conversational matrix, they are allocating resources and infrastructure to be more on value creation for every client through the conversational channel only. "Brands trust Pingbix for reliability and the best price structure in the industry", says Gaurav. S.

Pingbix is for customer delight, which gives it strength and motivation to work more closely with every client

Pingbix manages high ROI-driven campaigns with maximum delivery as compared to other vendors. The company provides quality with affordability, a transparent reporting system, and better analytical data, which helps managers, and marketers take an efficient decisions. Smart URL functionality gives detailed insight into every campaign, and it is working on the latest technology like Machine learning and artificial intelligence with leveraging API for seamless integration. A young and diversified team has been the company's backbone and has grown yearly due to their continuous effort. The team is a mix of core developers, designers, Sales, Presales reps, and product owners who carry the expertise and skillset required to grow the business. Pingbix helped Deerika group increase its response rate by designing a Live agent that facilitated its operations by directly connecting to its customers. To become a helping hand for the customers, Pingbix wanted to bring a change in their lives, and they did.

Pingbix is going to acquire market share by more focused-on technological advancement. They are already in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore and soon wanted to expand to new locations in India like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and so on. Pingbix is looking to launchmarketing automation as well as they have already been increasing the workforce in sales, which will keep growing in the coming months. Pingbix believes that innovation is the only key to growth, and the amount of hard work and dedication required to help businesses in customer acquisition and engagement is reflected in the success of their clients. "Business for Pingbix has been creating partners, not clients, and is obsessed with this mindset," signs off Gaurav. S