Pink of View: Healthcare Amalgamated with Technology

Adi Zamir,  Founder & CEO

Adi Zamir

Founder & CEO

The reality of the modern world still implies underlying notions of social and biological obligations that are faced by women on a regular basis. When it comes to a country like India, it is most the sector of healthcare that lacks attention. Adi Zamir visited India and came home with the prevailing problems in the healthcare sector for women and detected that breast diagnosis and treatment is one of the uncovered subjects not only in India but also in other developing and third world countries in the world. “When I visited India and had a discussion on the oncology treatment processes, I came to know that it is the privileged population that has access to proper diagnosis and treatment of cancer and that too is available at stage two or three. So, I thought of developing a digitally enabled platform that can help in early prevention and treatment of breast cancer and indicate to all the risk factors parameters in a woman’s life which lead to this disease”, says Adi Zamir, Founder, Pink of View.

The Way it Works
It is with the help of technological counterparts like Artificial Intelligence(AI)and Machine Learning(ML), Pink of View has
designed a platform that will collect general health data of women by the means of a chatbot in order to create data sets that can help formulate prevention processes for breast cancer. “We are creating an individual risk profile of a woman by asking her questions using a chatbot and based on that database, we do all kinds of data comparison through ML and procure information about the risks involved. Whether it is low, medium, high or extreme high, we have different scales of measure and after measuring, we take it all together and we aggregate them to one risk score. First, we give the score and then we give a personalized recommendation, based on the user’s leading risk factors. The BMI gap from the age 18 till menopause, for example, is a strong predictor, but also breast density, diet, medicine use amongst others is one of the leading factors in our assessments along with the combination of many receptors and measurements”, states Adi.

Moving on with the platform, Adi has formulated plans to penetrate more geographical regions and cater Pink of View services

Taking it Ahead
Moving on with the platform, Adi has formulated plans to penetrate more geographical regions and cater Pink of View services. She wants to create a healthcare ecosystem that has its reach even in the remotest corners of the world. The founder points out that in the less urbanised regions of Africa, women do not have access to proper healthcare facilities which means there are a lot of diseases apart from breast cancer that goes undetected in these regions. Pink of View wants to create a platform where every woman in the world has access to information and medical recommendation based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. That means that the basic product will be available for all. “We will be able to add data to the calculation as breast density, blood test results in western countries where there are more related services, she asserts.

Adi wants to expand operations to other regions of the world, especially developing countries and create a more accurate database of health records so that all that data can undergo processes like Big Data Analytics combined with their own programs that will execute the final results. Expressing the road ahead for the company, the founder concludes, “We want to get connected worldwide and understand the health differences of women in different countries. This will help us create a database of our own. We are looking at possible collaborations with the ministry of Healthcare which can make use of our database to predict and prevent diseases.”