PiRuby: Empowering Students with the Next Quantum-Leap Learning Platform Using Technology

Vinay ,Founder & CXO


Founder & CXO

Riding the wave of a tech-enabled education system, scores of entrepreneurs in India have emerged in the education space over the past few years. With open-classrooms, visual presentations, and a more collaborative form of learning where students can take greater control, these start-ups are demonstrating great results when it comes to delivering education in India. The rapid evolvement of technology shows great learning outcomes beyond barriers; connecting teachers and students with new innovative learning methods. When it comes to initiating innovation in education, the mention of Bangalore-based PiRuby is worthwhile.

PiRuby empowers schools in a revolutionary way to bring the 21st century digital education to empower the teachers and students. The company provides next-gen Visual & Interactive educational content experience for students and faculty using AI and AR. Its core offering is an AI based assistant that offers syllabus and user appropriate Videos, Concept-maps & Quizzes for Accelerated teaching & learning. “At the core of our offering is the AI Content Recommendation Methodology that is able to bring contextual digital content that is appropriate to a given syllabus defined by textbook or faculty notes.

So when the user is focused on a chapter/section, based on the topics introduced in the section and its difficulty level and the learner’s capacity, digital content is composed instantly,” explicates Vinay, Founder & CXO.
PiRuby’s core offering truly provides tailored digital education content for every syllabus. What is unique is when syllabus changes, videos and other content are automatically remapped to the new chapters of the syllabus. PiRuby’s another USP is the most comprehensive formative assessment and remedial learning solution. In summary, PiRuby offers significant value at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors.

The Idea behind PiRuby
The concept of PiRuby germinated with the founders’ keenness to empower the students and faculty with the next generation AI Assistant that could be a true personal assistant in navigating the prescribed curriculum. The aim was to leverage AI to calibrate digital content to adapt to the specific syllabus and personalize it to each user.
PiRuby was released in the market in 2019 and was adopted by 12+ institutions in Bangalore and Mysore very quickly for the academic year 2019-20. Since then, it is now being adopted in 70+ schools in Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Delhi. “PiRuby pilot is ongoing at a University in California in the US. We have received raving reviews in two national EdTech conferences in the US late last year. We are doing final customizations to our US product and are in negotiations with five universities for adoption soon,” he mentions.

PiRuby aims to support educational institutions in a revolutionary way to bring the 21st century digital education to empower the teachers and students

The Growth
PiRuby’s founders Vinay and Murali are at the helm driving strategy, innovation and partnership. “Until the next growth stage of the company, we have kept an asset-light model so with a team of 10 employees at the core and with over 30 consultants who are engaged periodically on a need basis. We believe in well planned sprints of work and strive aggressively to complete planned tasks. We believe in “Smart Work” culture with weekly well-planned Friday mixers for team bonding,” informs Murali.

In the coming years, PiRuby will aggressively strive to expand the schools business in India and the University business in the US. The team targets to reach 1000 schools in India and 50 Universities worldwide in under two years. It will also be launching a corporate learning & development product offering very soon. In a nutshell, PiRuby will revolutionize teaching & learning to create high-powered economies of tomorrow.