PIXLAI(PixDynamics): Providing the High Accurate AI

Arun P, Co-Founder & CEO,Nithin Varghese, Chief Expert

Nithin Varghese

Chief Expert

PIXLAI(PixDynamics) is a Kerala, India based startup and it is on a mission to empower enterprises to improve revenue, reduce costs & improve productivity with Artificial Intelligence(AI) Algorithms and Natural Language Processing(NLP) technologies. They have recently won the Technical Innovation Award at Technoviti 2021, organized by banking Frontiers and Ernest and Young.

PIXLAI is a group of talented people lead by Arun P and Nithin Varghese. Arun, Co-Founder and CEO of PIXLAI is a technology lover and AI enthusiast. He has a background of over 16 years in the IT industry and became familiar with several Ever-changing technologies overtime.

Nithin Varghese is the chief expert in all things AI at PIXL AI. According to Nithin, the three major lessons the company has learned from its presence in the industry are: never stop learning, innovation is essential and, keep researching.

The company started as a data analysis
organisation in 2018, and one of its clients was facing issues in meeting the RBI Compliance regarding customer document submission to CERSAI. During that time, the company learnt about the in's and outs of various work flows in the system and the inefficiencies slowing down the existing solutions. They were only able to provide 80% accuracy, and this led to a huge dependency on human resources. At times, client employees were forced to manually collect and validate the data before submitting it to CERSAI.

Arun P, Co-Founder & CEO

The company was able to provide a better solution that automated all the processes within the system, cut down the cost by one-fourth and achieve 99% accuracy in extracting the required data even from low-quality images/documents. This led to their USP, the CKYC Management System. Their other mainstream products are Video KYC, Aadhaar Masker, Document classifier and extractor, Intelligent Document reader, Signature verification, AI-based Video Surveillance system.

Enterprises can use technology to make smarter, quicker, and more confident decisions

The company is looking towards expanding its horizons and paves its way to be one of the leading AI-powered FinTech companies in the world. PIXLAI aims to provide quality, cost-efficient, and sustainable service as it expands into other various areas in the market.