Plaanet Interiors: Offering Bespoke Designs

Aruna Joseph & Josseph Kennede ,  Co-Founders

Team Plaanet Interiors

"Hard work beats talent when talent does n’t work hard!" That best defines Kennede Josseph's journey. Ever since a young boy, nothing came easy for little Joseph. Born in a poor family, poverty hindered day-to-day living and education. But, this never stopped him from pursuing his studies. Making ends meet, Joseph, who was a passionate dancer, rolled up his sleeves to pay his school fees, whereby he took paid dance classes for the colony kids.

Unfortunately, this helped him reach up to high school. Due to the financial crisis, he then had to discontinue education. Joseph, not accepting his fate, decided to pursue his passion teach dancing and art, full time. One afternoon, an opportunity came knocking when his cousin brother, who runs an aluminium contracting business asked him to work with him. That was a turning point in his life, as he could use some extra money to support his family.

Hardworking Joseph did everything, right from approaching clients, to procuring materials, and fitting/installing the aluminium door sliders and windows. Sadly, he was being underpaid. Soon, mastering the art of business across other allied areas like furniture design, and 3D modelling amongst others, he later ventured into setting up his business office. That was the start of Sever in Interiors, named after his daughter.
Since then, there has been no looking back for him. With a single pair of formal wear, tie, and a dream to achieve big, young Joseph walked in the direction, where he could find construction sites and began meeting clients face to face, and closing deals. Exploring the realm of interior designing from scratch, he began executing one project after another, fruitfully. "In this industry, you have to be tough, as there is no room for nice people. If you are kind and friendly, people will take you for a ride. Most importantly, you also have to be creative. In the end, bold and beautiful always wins!" smiles Joseph, sharing his wisdom.

Plaanet Interiors offers one-stop-shop interior designing solutions to its clients, right from designing a 3D model to procuring materials, fabricating, and execution

The Start of Plaanet Interiors
"Challenges are part and parcel of this industry," avers Joseph. Timely delivery of projects, minute-minute hiccups, budget, and meeting clients' expectations are a few. "With a fresh new approach, we started Plaanet Interiors to offer our clients realistic experience that is direct, transparent, budget friendly and delightful," elucidates Joseph.

In three years, the company has worked on numerous projects in creating excellent designs, both in commercials as well as residential properties, for which, it has won several awards and accolades. Today, the company offers one stop shop interior designing solutions to its clients, right from designing a 3D model to procuring materials, fabricating, and execution. "We take great pride in our work. Often clients ask me, how are we able to deliver such quality work at an affordable price? Well, my answer is very simple you enjoy the benefit of eating the fruit instead of counting trees!" says Joseph.

Started in a small home office in Dammaiguda with an initial investment of INR 50, the company has come a long way from where it all started. Today, Plaanet Interiors makes an annual turnover of INR 5 Cr and has spread its wings by opening a brand new office in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. "It has been a roller coaster ride so far. There is no stopping for us. In the coming days, we will be the number one interior designing company in the country!" concludes Joseph, on an optimistic note.