Plan The Unplanned: A Tech-Driven Approach To Transform Travel Experiences

Jatin Munvar,  Founder

Jatin Munvar


Technology and Travel, when brought together, do wonders. From the availability of options at a glance to swiping left and right for perfect shades of dusk and dawn, technology spreads a carpet of options for travelers to book on the go, receive automated responses and get real-time assistance. It also acts as a brainer for travelers looking for eco-friendly experiences, which remained concealed a few earlier. In this, tourism’s adventure branch has emerged as an important player. Despite facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions, with the influence of social media trends and the desire to check off bucket list destinations, people are eager to travel more than ever before. Amidst this changing landscape, Plan the Unplanned, a Bangalore- based company registered as Unplanned Journeys, has been making waves in the travel market since 2016.

The story goes back to 2016 when two passionate travelers, Jatin and Tarun, hugged the odyssey of letting others experience the joy of traveling despite being from different walks of life. Plan The Unplanned started in Mumbai and later relocated to Bangalore, focusing on simple itineraries for coastal towns. The duo expanded the itinerary to weekend treks, gained popularity, and organized multiple events all across India. Taking off, the company now offers international tours to Bhutan, Indonesia, Europe, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

The firm distinguishes itself from traditional travel companies by bringing strangers together and fostering a sense of community among its travelers instead of catering exclusively to pre-formed groups.

“As a company, our distinctive approach has allowed us to surpass major competitors in Bangalore, and we have earned accolades for our exceptional service quality. Our highly professional and engaging team operates on the field to organize trips, resulting in remarkable customer retention rates”, says Jatin Munvar, Founder, Plan The Unplanned.

Tech-Driven Approach & Notable Accomplishments
Leveraging technology has been a core focus for Plan the Unplanned. The company’s website provides users with easy access to tour details and a user-friendly booking system. Travelers can book seats, get regular updates from automated systems and stay connected on social media. The company has implemented email automation for booking confirmations and plans to introduce WhatsApp automation. Behind the scenes, the company has invested in a fully automated CRM system to streamline employee tasks, making the process efficient. This focus on leveraging technology has enhanced the company's overall user experience and operational efficiency.

The company Has invested in a Fully automated CRM system To streamline Employee tasks, Making the process Efficient

Plan the Unplanned has received several notable accolades for its dedication and up-to-date endeavors, including the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for 2020, 2021, and 2022. The company is also recognized with awards in the travel and hospitality industry, including two from international companies like Silicon India magazine. In 2020, Plan the Unplanned became an authorized travel agency of KSTDC (Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation). PTU is also a proud recipient of the Travel Hospitality Award UK. Additionally, one of the founders spoke at TEDx about his contributions to the travel arena.

Future Roadmap
Plan The Unplanned now prioritizes international tours and onboarding services, including flight and hotel bookings and personalized trip planning for customers. With the help of technological advancements, customers can now effortlessly customize their travel itinerary within minutes. The company is focused on revolutionizing the travel scene with technological advancement, and what lies ahead, time will definitely show.