Playtonia E Sports: Creating a Sustainable E-sport Scenario

Chaitanya G,Co-Founder

Chaitanya G


An E-sport platform, Playtonia E Sports orchestrates a dais that brings together gamers, E-sport Event Organizers and different businesses under one roof. It is making steadfast efforts to fork out the ideal offerings that lifts the spirit of every gamer to embrace new practices, to enhance their professional as well as casual gaming lifestyles. Keeping in mind the penchants of the participants, the company designs games and events of their choice. Its object of the exercise is not only to ease but bring in a horde of gaming options for every game enthusiast.

"We are ardently endeavoring to put forward the most innovative online events and tournaments that fits best to one's likings. The attempt is to make an online gaming platform that is accessible and reasonable to one and all," voices Abhijit Pattanaik, Co-Founder, Playtonia E Sports.

The Starting Point
The conception of this gaming and entertainment bureau emanated about a decade ago when Abhijit Pattanaik came up with the idea of having a community that is based on servers and structure a hub for all game lovers to communicate and play their most favored games in an amicable atmosphere, either in a group or individually.
This end in view was held in esteem by a group of likeminded people who not only believed this noble intention but associated themselves in the setting up of this groundbreaking organization. The seed of Playtonia E Sports was sowed in the year 2017 and ever since then its team has pulled up their socks to invent out of the ordinary games, tournaments and entertaining alternatives. The firm has made necessary arrangements that facilitate play custom pug/scrim matches in its 128 tick rates and low ping secured server. These facilities are supported by latest technology for the purpose of tracking the stats and results automatically.

"We wanted a create a community that supported those who have utmost love for games. Keeping in tab the recent development and fondness of the public we developed an E-sport company. We have also tried our hands in other sectors as well be it content creation or dealing with advanced AR VR services to say," Abhijit, adds.

The Growth Story
In the past three years, the company has earned a good reputation in the ecosystem and created benchmarks of its own. It has been the brain behind organizing one of the world's biggest mobile gaming events and delivered the SEA’s biggest prize pool for CSGO in the amateur scene. It has further added a feather to its cap by launching itself in the international market which received its acute recognition. "We are blessed to have some of the best creative minds in our team. It is their hard work and innovatory contributions that have helped us scale up this success ladder.

Playtonia E Sports orchestrates a dais that brings together gamers E-sport Event Organizers and different businesses under one roof

Playtonia E-sports has strategically planned its future endeavours to reach the pinnacle of success that it has sat its eye on. It is at present maneuvering on building Game Certifications, Gaming incubation Cells, e-Sport VR academy and building strategies for gaming cafes and E-sports Events. In the long run, it intend to resume administration over all its eight major offices. In short, the company aims to work on standardizing the multiple product lines and offerings while simultaneously update its platforms based on the latest market trends and demands.