Playtonia: Live the Game

Abhijit Pattanaik & Sanupam Samantray,Co-Founders
Abhijit Pattanaik& Sanupam Samantray

The eSports market in India is niche yet picking up steam with opportunities galore at the moment. The Infrastructure and Structural Hierarchy are the underlying problems pertaining to the industry. Chennai based Playtonia has been striving hard since the past few years to carve a niche for itself and addressing itself to the community by catering selflessly. With its varied online and offline tournaments on trot throughout the span of 1.5 years, Playtonia has provided immense opportunities for gamers and the IT brands involved in the ecosystem.

A platform for eSports which unite gamers, eSport event organizers and different businesses, Playtonia is the brainchild of Sanupam Samantray and Abhijit Pattanaik – who together have a cumulative experience of more than 10 years in the gaming and professional eSports fraternity. “We have experienced the disadvantages which a gamer from subcontinent countries has to experience like no dedicated server, not many opportunities to showcase your skill, and converged their thought
processes. To solve these, we zeroed in upon Playtonia,” speaks Sanupam.

" Playtonia seeks to clinch the position of the flag bearer for all eSports activity in the Indian region as well as globally"

Playtonia came into existence in November 2016 at a time when several other eSports management companies were on the rise and challenging each other. The company defined its uniqueness by its initiative as a unique automated platform, Gaming Server provider and later as a stand-alone event at large in the industry. “As a startup, we have flourished in the eSports ecosystem with an outreach to across millions in APAC region and continue to grow exponentially. We now stand toe to toe with the biggest eSports management companies not only in India but also in the APAC region,” says Abhijit.

Blending in Uniqueness
Deemed to be the only one-stop solution for all services related to eSports in India, Playtonia's forte lies in Server Provision, Automatic Game Hosting and Managing facility over website, Game Production, Game Execution, Promotional Ideation and execution and facilitating client based ideation as well. “We assure our clients a smooth and seamless functionality with regards to any criterion they stress upon,” informs Abhijit.

In addition to this, Playtonia creates a platform for non-gamers to participate in eSports like Artiplay - a new event league to
engage all painting artist/digital artist to get skilled in creating gaming related characters, Sweat eSports to balance healthy eSports of making gamers to play games outdoor, Virtual Training Academy on all eSports verticals,amongst others. “We are introducing Playtonia Partner Network across the globe to create strong partner base which will help gamers and partners for strategic revenue opportunities,” mentions Sanupam. The company has recently started its Ambassador Program across India primarily and shall be shifting focus to students involved in universities in the ASIAN contingent at large very soon.

The Way Forward
Playtonia’s main focus in the first year was to make a good user database having most of the pro gamers in the platform. The team succeeded and currently has a growing database of gamers reaching 4.5 Lac in 24 months.“Big brands like ASUS partnered with us to execute its ROG India Qualifier and then slowly followed by Acer Predator, Twitch, SRM, REDBULL in the first year itself. We completed 216 Online events, 36 Cafe events, 3 Main event finales and 3 international events last year covering mostly sub-continent countries,”he asserts.

Going further,Playtonia seeks to clinch the position of the flag bearer for all eSports activity in the Indian region as well as globally. “International events and clients from EU and NA region will be next on our cards and reaching out to the westerners is one of our prime focus agendas,’ he concludes.