Plexcel Info Systems: Where Professionals Pursue their Passion

Nandini S, <br>Ramesh Vasudevaiah, <br>Rekha Venkatesh & Suresh Hanumanthaiah,DirectorsBrought into existence by a group of industry doyens, Plexcel Info Systems is a service-based company that empowers clients with best fitting technology solutions that meet various needs of its clients across multiple domains. The company brings the right domain perspective, technology components and the delivery rigor to help organizations achieve the business objectives.

The Dawn
Plexcel Info Systems was bootstrapped as a private limited company in 2018 when four technocrats Rekha, Suresh, Ramesh and Nandini came together to create experiences where passion and purpose are brought under one platform. The objective is to enable enterprises unleash the business values by leveraging the power of technology. Each of them brings about two decades of experience in the IT industry. The inspiration of putting interest in creating such innovative solutions struck them when they observed a surging demand in the market for the right UI/UX skills. “We have been addressing multiple challenges faced by the customers. Many of them are around digital transformation from those who have been finding it difficult to get the right user experience that achieves the best results from a software application. Thus, we perceive that there is a demand in the market for the right UI/UX skills. With this potential demand, and having these skills as our forte, we started to be a UI/UX company,” says Rekha.

The company holds expertise in crafting UI/UX design and front-end development of the highest quality. Solutions are framed on some of the latest technology components including AWS, Firebase cloud platforms.
Mobile App Development, Creative Designs, Web designing & CMS are some of the other offerings. Apart from this, it also has a dab hand in handling website hosting, email, and various other relevant services that are reliable and made available at an affordable price.

Plexcel’s vision is to provide the right mix of technology and business solutions that deliver enhanced value to clients. The team brings in a consultative approach to the solutions and applications they build. “Many a times, our solutions identify and eliminate redundancies in client’s processes. This opens-up a huge potential benefit to the customer as compared to mere automation of a process. This approach has laid foundation for a strong long term relationship because of which many of the clients are returning with additional projects,” mentions Suresh.

An Edge over Others
As a services-based company, Plexcel caters to a diverse set of needs from clients across multiple domains. Its primary offering will be solutions backed by proven delivery experience in the proposed technology. “UI/UX design and front-end development is our main USP and we have delivered outstanding experiences on that. With our interactive wireframes and a comprehensive end user perspective, we provide a clear picture of the application that will be delivered, and this sets the right expectations among the customers” adds Ramesh.

Plexcel’s vision is to provide right mix of technology and business solutions that deliver enhanced value to clients

The Future Ahead
Starting off with about seven employees in October 2018, Plexcel now has more than 20 employees who bring multiple skills, talent and expertise. Plexcel has mapped out its plans for the next five years. It has a strong focus on intellectual property based product development. The founders have a strong commitment to expand the team to about 250 members by on boarding the best professionals in the industry. This will enable it serve large clients around the world. It is continuously endeavoring to make partnerships with associates and companies that bring complementary skills and market presence. Being in a situation where it has already served some of the big wheels of the industry, it has further heightened its level of target and achievements.