Plus 1 Consulting: Delivering Tailor-Made Consulting Solutions & Advisory

Pankaj Kannaujiya,    FounderIn today's complex and demanding corporate environment, businesses are prompted to establish sound internal processes and systems. These measures ensure smooth and successful operations that positively impact their external-facing activities. When an organization lacks the necessary staff and expertise in certain areas, outsourcing becomes a cost-effective solution. Plus 1 Consulting, a leading consulting firm, assists businesses in optimizing performance, driving success, and achieving their goals through strategic planning, innovative solutions, and expert guidance. Founded in Surat in March 2023, Plus 1 Consulting's Founder, Pankaj Kannaujiya, has been active in the consulting and advisory services industry for the past decade.

The approach of Plus 1 Consulting is based on understanding each client's unique needs and aspirations. The firm employs a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to develop customized solutions and deliver tangible results. With a commitment to providing exceptional value, Plus 1 Consulting recognizes the importance of cost optimization as the initial step for business owners. Pankaj states, "Business owners in the present are preoccupied with raising capital, producing income, and expanding profits, but they have forgotten that cost optimization is the first step. Thus, to help startups save money and reduce costs, Plus 1 Consulting is focusing on these nebulous areas.
Plus 1 Consulting distinguishes itself in the market by focusing on cost optimization and management consulting through need-based assessments and tailor-made solutions, while competitors primarily focus on revenue generation and fundraising. Pankaj elaborates, "If we talk about our unique selling proposition, it can be summarized as cost optimization and value creation through consulting. Choosing a good agency for tax matters is a cost optimization tool in itself because any unwanted future tax liability will increase your costs."

Plus 1 Consulting takes all possible measures for Clients' businesses like theirs so that they can reach new heights

Flagship Offering
The flagship services offered by Plus 1 include business consulting services such as cost analysis and audits, costing systems, and virtual CFOs. Tax consulting and litigation support services cover areas like indirect tax advisory, GST. Valuation advisory services encompass fundraising valuation, ESOP valuation, startup/brand valuation, and valuation under statutory acts (Companies Act, Income Tax Act, FEMA, RBI, IBC 2016, and more). Additionally, Plus 1 provides professional advisories such as government grant advisory, FCRA registration and advisory, and 80G & 12A registration under the Income Tax Act. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of services, the founder is directly involved with clients, prioritizing their satisfaction.

Moreover, Virtual CFO services are one of the primary offerings of Plus 1, catering to those who cannot afford a full-time or experienced CFO. The company even represents the balance sheet and financial positions before the board of directors through virtual CFO services, as mentioned by Pankaj. Subsequently, Plus 1 has developed in-house CRM software for selected services, allowing for tailor-made customization consulting paperwork and effective client management. Regular personal meetings are conducted by the founder to obtain client feedback. Plus 1 boasts a team of expert professional cost accountants with experience in various industries. As each client faces unique problems, the company strives to understand the situation and provide a bespoke solution.

Looking ahead, Plus 1 plans to expand its expertise in specific industries such as textiles and diamonds. Geographic expansion to metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad is also part of the future considerations. “We are prepared to offer services virtually now that I am sitting in Surat, but my services are not limited; I can serve the entire country”, Pankaj emphasizes.