Pococare: Implementing Tech-driven Solutions to Save lives

Rangarajan Iyengar ,FounderThe demand for medical emergency services in India has witnessed significant growth in recent years, fueled by a rising awareness of healthcare access. Furthermore, the integration of technology for faster response times and the expansion of services to underserved regions are also impacting the position of this segment. Unfortunately though, as the demand rises, challenges like inadequate infrastructure, skill gaps, and accessibility hurdles often impede the availability of emergency services to people in their hour of need.

Determined to overcome these challenges including last-mile reach unpredictability, lack of coordination, and on- time arrival of emergency services providers, Pococare (Care with Positive Conversations) - a Bangalore-based tech-driven medical organization - is changing how emergency services are under-stood, seen, and implemented in the country. With the aim of creating a dynamic ecosystem, and thinking of emergency services beyond just hospitals and ambulances, Pococare is broadening perspectives through exceptional tech-based solutions.

Pococare’s Edge
With a goal to establish an ecosystem wherein customers feel safe, and heard is the ultimate goal for Pococare. Aligned with this objective, the organization’s core values focus on deep listening, empathy, innovation, commitment to saving lives, and efficiency. “Our core values, encapsulated in 'The Poco Way', drive our commitment to positive conversations and making a difference.
We prioritize going the extra mile, staying passionately curious, doing what is right not what is easy, and dreaming on to nurture imagination. Our vision: Universal access to timely medical aid, building safer, healthier communities. Our Mission: To save 6K+ lives daily”, shares Rangarajan Iyengar, Founder.

Pococare, at the forefront of medical emergency response transformation, presents its flag-ship service, Pococare Heartbeat Emergency Response Management. Simplifying the response chain, its seamless onboarding takes under 3 minutes for self and family registration. The Emergency Readiness approach involves activating services and providing valuable insights, optimizing hospital proximity and insurance status. Utilizing a proprietary tech platform, powered by unique QR codes assigned to each member, Pococare facilitates swift emergency management, empowering its dedicated Heartbeat angels to respond round the clock.

This platform seamlessly shares crucial medical data with healthcare professionals and ensures timely notifications to emergency contacts until the patient reaches the hospital. Pococare's commitment to operational excellence is underpinned by cut-ting-edge technology, redundancy layers, and relentless staff training, ensuring unparalleled 24/7 reliability in its unique and vital service.

Pococare differentiates itself with a minimalist yet robust strategy, flourishing at the crossroads of technology and execution competencies. The organization's USP lies in its innovative integration of QR codes that enable not only the patient, but even bystanders to call for help on behalf of a victim; effortlessly connecting hospitals, ambulance operators, aggregators, individuals, and first responders, fulfilling its pledge to provide the fastest response to medical crises.

Future Roadmap
“We are carving out a sliver that we have created to redefine the end-to-end emergency response space. It starts with a proactive approach, builds awareness on how to reach us, makes it easy for anybody to alert us in an emergency, and swings into action just like the 911 response system in the US. This is a national movement to go from 10 percent to 50 percent of people getting timely attention in emergency pan-India”, lastly shares Rangarajan.

Pococare’s lofty aims are directed towards ensuring nationwide emergency readiness, targeting organizations and employees initially, aspiring to reach 100,000 beneficiaries by this fiscal year-end. Future plans involve strategic collaboration with insurance firms, enhancing value for payers and policyholders. The trajectory includes engaging with various stakeholders, optimizing operations through technology, venturing into the B2C sector, and forging impactful partnerships with government bodies for widespread accessibility, ultimately striving to impact even the remotest villages.