Poker Launcher: Holistically Accentuating The Users E-Poker Gaming Experience

Anuj Jalote, Co-Founder & CEO

Anuj Jalote

Co-Founder & CEO

The Indian e-gaming industry has taken a major leap forward over the past few years. With easy accessibility of mobile phones and ever-improving internet connection, today, the industry is flooded with potential earning players, along with entertainment seekers. According to the latest reports currently where these numbers scale to 430 million mobile gamers in the country, it's expected to account for 650 million by 2025 year-end.

Boosting this advancing industry growth in a significantly organized manner is New Delhi-based Poker Launcher (PL), India's biggest online poker aggregator, that provides best online poker deals and offers to players helping them receive optimal benefits in the form of highest rakeback and best bonuses from online poker rooms in India and abroad. "We work with all the leading poker companies in the country and help them connect with their possible consumer base, ensuring there's solid & secured system in place so authentication is of no question", states Anuj Jalote, Co-Founder, PL.

The Differential Facets
What sets this online registered poker playing platform apart from its contemporaries in the market is the trust it shows to its customer while enlisting its services & offers quite transparently on its website. Anuj adds, "It's the scalability of our platform covering the economy that we're able to provide the best deals and offers in the online poker industry that individual agents cannot".

“The company also from time to time connects the players with experts so that experts can teach them how to be better at it

Additionally, the users who sign up on different poker websites going through Poker Launcher for the first time using PL's sign-up code (which is a one-time process), receive a cashback every time they play online. However, the profits may vary according to the expense volume a player is puts in. Thanks to its dedicated team of professional full-time players, seasoned business professionals and executive leaders from IIM/IIT who are contemporarily leveraging their potential skills and game dexterity to enhancing and elevating the level of excitement of game for the target audiences who are either looking for it as a side hustle or a secondary earning source.

From time to time the company also connects the players with experts to facilitate upskilling. Thus, such engagements of the professionals in the poker gaming creates immense value for all working significantly in favour of the professionals themselves enhancing their overall earnings, and the company & target audiences at large helping each improve their play execution skills.

Future Roadmap
It's impressive to find that the company has enjoyed stable growth, despite the turbulences aroused in the market in general, levied by the COVID-19 impact.In the recent years, PL has received a positive response from its solid customer-base holding strong business partnerships with all the leading poker companies in the country. Additionally, the company has also received a positive push from various investors proposing seed investment and new partnerships from across the globe. Hence, it's evaluating on majorly across three angles, followed by going international including other geographies, expanding across other real money games in the market and lastly integrating crypto currency with its current offerings.