PokerBaazi: Delivering Secured and Trusted Poker Experience

Navkiran Singh,Founder & CEO

Navkiran Singh

Founder & CEO

The advent of digital gaming, inclusion of VR and AR, and ease of online payments has established an upward curve in issuing innovative and state-of-the-art online poker platforms. The burgeoning online poker market in India has taken multiple forms and led India to emerge as one of the most important global players in the international gaming market as well. Despite the incredible growth over the past decade, poker in India still has a long way to go owing to the prevalent misnomers and prejudices regarding the game. Breaking the myth is PokerBaazi, one of the most trusted online poker websites in India. This platform has been successful in garnering the attention of Indian players towards winning real money through online poker. Established in 2014, is the brainchild and a trend setting online venture of Baazi Games, a disruptive entity in India’s nascent online gaming industry. Baazi Games has a proven track record of providing excellent online gaming experiences over the past several years, and provides services through online fantasy leagues and other popular sports ventures.

PokerBaazi projects poker as a skill based game and serves its popular online variants in the same manner. A shared passion amongst the four founders, PokerBaazi found its beginnings as a college hobby! The quartet found poker to be a way for them to unwind and relax in the evenings after classes at Manipal University. It was during this time that Navkiran Singh(one of the four friends) developed a love for the game and the skills it required. Thereafter, he went abroad and saw the kind of patronage and support the game received. This stirred his mind and the next thought he had was if something similar could be achieved in India. “If there was such a big market in the West, it’s easy to see the kind of potential the game had in our billion strong nation. After a thorough market study and a few brainstorming sessions, we finally launched PokerBaazi. We had started with a big dream, but we couldn’t imagine the trail we would blaze and the history we would create,” says Navkiran.
When team PokerBaazi commenced their journey, the first thing that came their way was resistance from family, but the real challenge was developing an app purely from scratch. Although they were convinced about developing a platform that was better than white label apps, creating it was a trial and error process that required them to put their heart and soul into it. On-boarding players in the start was also another problem area since there were advertising restrictions. However, with an appetite for the game in the country, they grew at a tremendous pace once players began to learn about PokerBaazi as a trustworthy platform.

PokerBaazi is recognized as a truly holistic and trusted realmoney online poker platform in India

Today, PokerBaazi is recognized as a truly holistic and trusted real money online poker platform in India that has been pleasantly surprising poker players with initiatives like the first of its kind multi-day tournament Game Changer, Baazi Rewards an industry leading player rewards system, and Free Entry Tournaments. What makes PokerBaazi stand out from the crowd is its homegrown, built from the ground up poker application and platform. “Unlike white label products used by competitors, our technology is managed entirely in-house, giving us tighter security and performance controls. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure the strictest safety protocols so users can deposit and play stress free. We are also adding customizations such as ‘Responsible Play’ limits so that users can tailor the experience to their liking,” he mentions.

To stay ahead of the game, the team has strategized to run Free Entry Tournaments which mimic real tournament conditions and give actual withdraw able money to players. The best thing is that they run every 20 minutes throughout the day, so they are regular enough that players who enjoy the game but are not ready to invest in yet can keep playing hassle free. Navkiran adds, “There is a lot more to it in terms of rewards and bonuses, but I think our user centric approach eventually resonates with players who realize we aren’t just here to make a quick buck, but want to provide a great space to play a very popular game.”

The Journey
PokerBaazi started as a small operation with just five members, and today it houses over 120 members. The company believes in teamwork and empowers every employee with the liberty to present new ideas, experiment, and implement them in alignment with the company objectives. The company continues to achieve a growth rate of over 100% year-on-year. Currently, there are more than amillion users on from all across India, barring four states. “In the coming years, we are just going to get bigger and better. The competitive landscape has changed drastically in the last few years, so that’s something we’re thinking about. There’s just so much more poker happening that we’re also happy to look and learn. Rest assured, we’re watching, but not waiting! PokerBaazi has, and always will, lead the way,” he smiles.

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