PokerDangal: A Junction Where Skills Meets Fortune

India owns to itself a whopping history of card games whose broaches are found in many profound ancient chronicles. While some of the card games need a streak of luck, the others require a significant skill to master. Over the years, the extortionate penetration of the internet and a mass movement towards digitization has completely remoulded its manifestation. In the present scenario, this treasured source of fun has taken a momentous turn, becoming a million dollar online gaming industry. Amongst the variety of skillbased card games, Poker is very much magnetizing the crowd. Many have had the thought provoking idea of converting this gaming skill and leisure pursuit into a lucrative business.

A bevy of innovative souls who were once enthusiastically involved in amusing themselves with this card game in a tick recognized the scope the Poker online gaming industry has. With further involvement they became conscious about the opportunities as well as the breaches persisting within this turf. To make the best of this opportune space and stamp out the rubs they sowed the seed of PokerDangal an online gaming platform that intends to revamp the definition of Poker game in India. "Our founding team consists of visionaries like Varun Puri, Varun Mahna, Shashwat Jain, Sahil Parakh, Karan Gandhi and Manan Sobti who all were fond of playing poker online. As customers we realized that there were huge gaps as far as the provisions are concerned. On the other hand the demand for this game was also surging. We apprehended the situation and therefore decided to mitigate this gap through our venture PokerDangal," stated Varun Mahna and Varun Puri, Founders, PokerDangal.

The sole objective behind starting this company is to provide participants with a platform that is easy to use fun and trustworthy. And to do so the prime movers have kept it all equipped and up to date be it
Varun Puri, Varun Mahna, Shashwat Jain, Sahil Parakh & Karan Gandhi & Manan Sobti,Co-Founders
Team Poker Dangal

technological facilities, maintained transparency, fair dealings and safeguarding them from hackers. "At PokerDangal we focus ongood customer experience. We have realized that the mantra behind a successful venture is having contented customers. If they are happy, the company's stature both socially and economically will ameliorate,"he avers.

PokerDangal a platform that is safe, reliable and trustworthy

To make company's offerings more get at able and plainer it has built its entire feature quite customer centric. By maintaining a strict balance between entertainment and professionalism, PokerDangal has managed to stay ahead of the pack. To which he adds, "Using PokerDangal is very easy, one can log in using their email ID and password. After registering successfully, the player is provided with free roll chips to play poker games online free in different variations and formats. We have kept the transaction of money quite simple and hasslefree."

Making Significant Headways
The bootstrapped company PokerDangal has made significant advancement since the time of its inception. Today it has reached a position where it was able to raise extensive funds from angel investors has acquired another Poker platform named Pokermet. All of this was achieved within the first year of their existence. It is the first online gaming company to facilitate instant cashout, introduce 5 card pot Limit Omaha and is counted amongst the top online gaming sites in the country. In terms of users, the company has crossed 200 thousand users. Over and above, the company is on a constant endeavour of becoming the best online gaming platform, rendering the best Poker experience and contriving the biggest Poker family.