Polka Tots: Promising Baby's Comfort with Each Offering

  Atish Shah & Ashil Shah,    Founders & Co-Founders

Atish Shah & Ashil Shah

Founders & Co-Founders

The baby products market is experiencing dynamic growth, driven by increasing awareness of parenting needs. Consumers prioritize safety, quality, and affordability, fuelling demand for a diverse range of products, from innovative gadgets to organic formulations. Amid this, E-commerce platforms are amplifying accessibility, allowing parents to explore an extensive array of options. Originated from a heartfelt foundation of love above all else, Polka Tots is a rapidly growing baby product company in India that aims to make the parenting journey joyful. Founded with love by a father and an uncle, the company provides high-quality, reasonably priced, diverse range of baby products which emphasize on affordability and design expertise. With an eye on innovation, the products are curated with the plans to revolutionize the industry, ensuring that every parent is well-equipped for the transformative journey of parenthood.

Polka Tots originated from a profound sense of affection, stemming from the founders' desire to provide the very best for the most cherished girl in their lives. Identifying a void in the market for reasonably priced, premium baby essentials, the founders elevated a simple shopping endeavor into a purposeful mission. Today, Polka Tots proudly presents a diverse and meticulously crafted product range, ranging from cozy swaddles to ergonomic strollers. Specializing in baby travel essentials and crafting pure, soft cotton clothing for infants and kids, the brand's extensive portfolio includes bibs, high chairs, and trendy clothing for little ones.
Boasting renowned design expertise, the company seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics, creating products that resonate with parents. “Central to our mission is affordability, ensuring that top-notch quality remains accessible to parents without straining their budgets. As a steadfast companion through every stage of parenthood, our company epitomizes practicality, innovation, and timeless style, making it a trusted choice for thoughtful parents”, says Atish Shah, Founder & CEO.

Polka Tots is a pioneering baby product company crafting affordable, high-quality essentials with design expertise, making parenting delightful & stress-free

Innovating Parenthood, Redefining Essentials

Beyond bibs and strollers, Polka Tots is renowned as a comprehensive one-stop solution for parents, unwaveringly dedicated to marrying practicality with aesthetically pleasing designs. The firm distinguishes itself through a commitment to design excellence, harmoniously merging functionality and contemporary aesthetics across an expansive product line. Employing an innovative approach, its products undergo meticulous testing within extended family and friends circles, assuring adherence to the highest standards. The firm proudly collaborates with esteemed retailers like First cry, Mothercare, Hamleys, among others, expanding its reach and accessibility. The company places significant emphasis on customer feedback, viewing it as a catalyst for ongoing enhancement.

With an ambitious vision, the firm aspires to become the quintessential choice for families ushering in the joy of a newborn, solidifying its position in the hearts and homes of parents worldwide. Surmounting obstacles like shifting customer purchasing patterns, the company has grown into a formidable team of 40+, strategically expanding through robust omni-channel strategies, solidifying its position as a go-to brand for discerning parents navigating the journey of parenthood.

Polka Tots envisions a promising future with a 10- year goal: to be the brand every mother and grand parent recalls when a baby is born in their family. The company plans to venture into the UAE and USA markets by expanding its network across India through e-commerce channels. Focused on global growth, the company remains dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality baby products, ensuring they become an enduring part of families' joyous parenting journeys worldwide.