Pollen Healthcure: Offering Superior Quality Pharmaceuticals Products

  Kumar Gurakesh,   Co-Founder & Director
Kumar Gurakesh, Co-Founder & Director

To keep improving the quality of life of people and contribute to society by offering superior quality pharmaceuticals products with new cutting edge pharma-ceutical technologies at affordable prices is what is the driving force behind Pune based Pollen Healthcure. The brainchild of Kumar Gurakesh & Rahul Anand, alongside the support of investors,Pollen Healthcure provides healthcare-related information and services in socially responsible ways that enrich lives. Keeping the root of its business constantly in mind, and with an earnest desire to work for the consumer, it is Pollen’s aim to adhere strictly to the philosophy and to strive to contribute to all fields related to health.

“We offer life-saving medicines required in ICU during critical times. Our pre-scriber doesn’t have to look for options from other competitors brands. Our product consists of Antibiotics with all SKUs, Antifungal & Antiviral & Parental nutrition. We act as a one-stop shop for every critical care solution,” says Kumar.
The Foundation
The inspiration behind Pollen Healthcure was drawn from the time when Kumar started his professional stint. Being a pharmacy graduate, he had little options outside the pharmaceutical market and he decided to choose sales & marketing. He started his career with Cipla and later joined Sun Pharma. “During my journey with both the companies, I learnt about people manage-ment, Supply Chain management, Product profiling, Effective marketing and Good corporate governance. With all corporate governance. With all these knowledge that I garnered, I zeroed in upon establishing my own venture,” asserts Kumar.

The initial days of Pollen Healthcure were quite challenging. “Healthcare is a segment where our products have a direct effect on people’s health, hence, in the beginning, to gain acceptability of new brands was a challenge. It was obvious to us. We altered our strategy, trained our people for handling such situations and then we were all set to enter the market with comparative trails and quality test reports. Slowly, we started gaining the confidence of the people around us,” he informs.

Besides, the complex supply chain network in between company to distributors to hospitals was another challenge where startups companies are not taken seriou-sly. Since the pharmaceutical market oldest market so there is lots of rigidity with distribution channel partners. As a solution, team Pollen stood firm with its
policies and aggressively started genera-ting demands of the products. “As a result, our supply chain partners started believing in our policies,” he avers.

Pollen believes that people are the real foundation of its success and that a sense of duty,pride, and enthusiasm is the cornerstone of true job satisfaction. Accordingly, it is committed to the ongoing professional development of all of its employees. At present, the company houses a team of 50 + people spread around 14 states of the country. Kumar adds, “We believe in ‘Our People first’ policy. To achieve that, we set realistic targets, sensitizing and training our people on effective target achievement. We cultivate mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners to enhance the wealth of the business partners and profitable growth of the company.”

The Growth Story
Pollen Healthcure has registered a 100 per cent year on year. In the last four years, it has extended its operations at 14 states, majorly in the western and eastern states of India. As a fast recognized Pharma company in the critical care market place, last year more than 3000 patients have been treated by it. “Our short term goal is to extend our operation to Pan India by the next financial year 2020-21. We have already started working on man-power structure, Supply chain structure for to be launched states,” he concludes.