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Siddharth Verma,Co-Founder

Siddharth Verma


Gurgaon based Postback, a company in the affiliate marketing space is formed by the cumulative experiences of the founders garnered from the digital marketing industry. Bringing in the relevant experience, rich expertise in handling and managing affiliate & branding programs of the major portion of e-commerce segment, and having carved a niche in their respective domains, Postback embarked on the task of building bridges between the advertisers and publishers by adopting innovative principles as well as traditional patterns.

The Indian Affiliate marketing ecosystem has grown leap and bounds in the recent times. As the Indian eCommerce segment is considered to be the next biggest boom, the affiliate marketing arena has become more & more competitive. While one doesn’t have to create a product by themselves, but the challenge lies in taking the pivotal role of linking the buyer and the seller together. Though the domain sounds to be extremely lucrative in the online space but to stand apart in the competition, it's imperative for the businesses to know the market needs, learn how to promote the products and more in order to stay ahead in the competition. And to help them out, Postback plunged into the affiliate marketing space with having core focus on the technology.

Though there are many companies in the affiliate marketing space we came up with technology implementations and help businesses scale heights. With many features developed, we started with building the technology to carter the dynamic requirements of the Indian affiliate industry,”says Siddharth Verma, Co-Founder, Postback.

Determined to bring advertisers & publishers together in the local and international campaigns, Postback is recognized to be the doorway to the hundreds of top converting, top paying advertising campaigns with its own proprietary technology in the field of performance marketing. Derived with the motto “no conversion, no commission”, policy, the company charges its clients only after the campaign is been accomplished and the pre-defined objective is achieved.
Postback has built up all its work dynamics and technology on transparent reporting interfaces and tools. To succeed in the popular space they have created their own proprietary technology which is one of the most advanced, secure and powerful performance marketing software solution.

Postback is recognized to be the doorway to the hundreds of top converting, top paying advertising campaigns with its own proprietary technology in the field of performance marketing

Postback’s Own Proprietary Software Model
Postback’s exemplary model is an inclusion of distinct features that help the clients in an extraordinary way with adding benefits to their platform. Some of the key features of the software solution include Real-time Validation, i.e., its AUTO VALIDATION aspect that lets one validate sales in real time. With Micro Targeting, it aids in running the campaigns by targeting ISPs, operating systems, and geo. Through Comprehensive Reports and Smart Postback, they allow checking& downloading the offer, affiliate, conversion & advertiser reports in just a click away. In addition to this, they offer cookie transaction, deep-linking even in the post-back environment. Throwing light on, Siddharth avers, “With technological advancement, we focus on developing campaigns around the needs of the merchant which make us different from other. We don’t push strategies to the client but let our work and ROI’s speak forus.”

Visualizing the current today’s whereby the majority of the merchants build their digital campaigns over one or two channel while completely or partially avoiding others, Postback in this context assist the clients to develop their marketing mix so that they are not depended solely on a single one or two channels.

By understanding the client’s requirement, the company tries to get a brief understanding on the campaign objective and works on data to optimize traffic to ensure best ROIs for our clients. The algorithm imbibed in the platform targets the audience and converts the visitors into sales. “We run through our data to develop the marketing mix. Once we get live we aggressively optimize the campaign on the matrix to achieve the set goal,” mentions Siddharth.

He further adds, “We aid our clients to develop or optimize their channel spends on
Facebook, mailer, affiliate, and AdWords. We also help our clients to create offers and discounts if required.”

Introducing Latest Techno-Tools & AI
Within a short span of time Postback has been able to cater its services to 50+ clients on over 100+ offers. With its complex algorithms, it is able to deliver the client's conversion rates of over 4 percent while contributing incremental growth in salesupto30 percent to the partner merchant. Seeking for an M-O-M growth, Siddharth concludes, “Being an innovative company we are developing tools to help dynamic retargeting of advertisements on our publishers’ websites. Soon we are coming up with artificial intelligence advertisement solution that will help to distribute ads by reaching the audience at the real time.”

Key Management:
Siddharth Verma, Co-Founder, Postback – Siddharth is an MBA(Finance&Marketing) and Engineering (Mechanical and Automation). With more than five years of executive experience in performance marketing, he helps companies/individuals to develop and manage performance marketing plans that in return increase their revenue, new customer acquisition, lead generation & more.

Laxman Sajwan, Co-Founder, Postback – An MBA with vast experience in Affiliate Marketing, Laxman possess a rich expertise in handling campaigns in various niches.

Client Testimonial:
“We have entrusted Postback and their team over the past year to handle portions of our digital campaigns for us. They have done an excellent job in all areas. The team is diligent, hard working and work towards achieving the client goals. Last, but not least, you can’t beat the pricing offered by team”- Rahul Vohra, Business Head, Vishal Megamart

“ We developed a great partnership with Postback and their dedication is evident in all aspects of our core business of digital marketing and advertising. We appreciate their grasp of the knowledge of industry practices. In addition to their enthusiasm, they bring in best practices of planning, campaign management skills and ability to encourage vendors to deliver on behalf of our clients.”

-ArunMehra, CEO,Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited.

Areas of Offerings:
• Lifestyle
• Travel
• Lead Generation
• Mobile Solutions & more