Prakara Architects: Creating Comfortable Yet Inspiring Spaces that Bring Style to Your Life

Pranov Valke & Prakyath Hegde,Co-FoundersTransforming a living space into a functional yet aesthetically pleasing home that reflects the residents’ personality is an intricate process. The Mangaluru-based Prakara Architects- an emerging architecture and interior designing startup, is turning spaces into beautiful and functional havens where individuals can relax and enjoy their personal time the way they like. Prakara was founded with a passion to unleash its creativity and deliver customized solutions to accommodate diverse lifestyles.

Customizing Unique Spaces
Excelling in creating affordable yet innovatively creative spaces that speak to individual style preferences and adeptly amalgamate features that enable functional living aligning with the client’s lifestyle, Prakara is not just another interior designing firm; it is a collective of creative designers and architects creating a comfortable environment for its clients to thrive in. Prakara’s primary objective throughout the execution of every new project is to deliver solutions that meet the client’s needs perfectly and ensure customer satisfaction.

“We have a reputation for providing high-quality, innovative, and customized solutions that enhance our clients' brand identity and user experience.
We also have a strong portfolio of projects showcasing our creativity, interior design, and archi-tecture expertise. Throughout our projects, we ensure following industry best practices, which has enabled us to have a loyal customer base that trusts us with their projects and referrals”, shares Ar. Prakyath Hegde, Co-Founder.

While transforming these spaces, the team tries to understand the client's lifestyles and incorporate designs seamlessly blending with them. For already built and designed areas, the firm also offers remodeling and refurbishment services to breathe new life into the homes. Beyond providing personalized services to enhance the quality of life, Prakara also offers its designing services to commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, cafes, and restaurants, as well as retail stores to reimagine and improve brand identity and consumer experience. By redesigning these spaces, Prakara allows businesses to enhance productivity and optimize services for a more excellent consumer experience.

What sets Prakara apart in this industry is its drive to maintain its distinctiveness and originality by focusing on creating unique spaces every single time.

“We intend to remain distinctive and original by always learning and adapting to the interior design industry's changing demands and trends. Incorporating local culture and celebrating diversity by using traditional and ethnic elements, colors, and patterns in our designs while respecting the context and history of the spaces is something we strive to achieve. We hope to accomplish this by analyzing data, generating insights, and optimizing designs based on the preferences and input of our clients by using artificial intelligence and 3D visualization”, further shares Co-Founder, Ar. Pranov Valke.

Future Goals
Prakara aims to expand its reach and impact within the industry by delivering exceptional services to its clients, eventually venturing into new markets, seizing new opportunities, and taking on more significant challenges that push the firm towards excellence. The team, determined to consistently step up its game through knowledge sharing and skill development, plans to integrate new techniques, adopt new technologies, and acquire certifications and accreditations that will help it expand its service portfolio. While accomplishing all this, Prakara also aims to increase its social and environmental responsibility and contribute to a sustainable environment.