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Srinivas Varahagiri,Founder & Director

Srinivas Varahagiri

Founder & Director

The recruitment industry in India is growing at a pace of 40-50 percent now; amidst this online recruitment is grabbing the attention of the industry. The sector is in dire need of streamlining the processes and requires inputs from recruiters and Job seekers to fulfill the same. The only way to serve the requirements of the Industry is to understand the needs of recruiters as well as Jobseekers. Sensing this, came into being to bridge the gap between aspiring Job Seekers and Potential Recruiters. The online platform caters to the users’ needs with their free services and also enriches them with their paid services that assure success. “We serve on an online platform for Job Seekers, Recruiters and other third party clients. On a single platform we provide free registration, profile upload and Profile management, job options for Job Seekers,” says Srinivas Varahagiri, Founder & Director,

The Idea behind

Srinivas had been in the industry for more than 19+ years, and over time he observed topsy-turvy in the
entire Recruitment process. Ever since a young boy, Srinivas had dreamt of owning a company and for a first generation entrepreneur like him, he eagerly waited for the right time and opportunity to pounce upon. Finally in 2015 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi scheme - Startup India, he ventured into creating an e-recruitment solution platform that would make the recruitment process simple and effective without any ambiguity.Srinivas, left no stone unturned to sail against the wind and over the years built a team of vibrant youngsters who succeeded in achieving one milestone after another.

“Our manpower strength is quite good, they are experienced and committed. We have committed management team with us so they are capable to establish strong systems within the organization which we believe that is the key factor to prove our existence and to get the recognition in our industry,” he says. caters to the users’ needs with their free services and also enriches them with their paid services that assure success

Cutting Edge Technology Platform

Prathigna has set a benchmark in the industry at the moment and are said to reach up to a standard by bringing revolutionized benefits to Recruiters and Job Seekers. With a strong process implementation, the company offers quality rich
services and is built on a cutting edge technology platform. Their services are said to focus on user intuitiveness, thus providing an end-to-end customer satisfaction at all levels. Known for believing in innovation and credibility in delivering the service, Prathigna offers professional services to Recruiters and Job Seekers across industries, few of which includes Resume Database Access, Job Posting, SMS Services, E-mail Services and many more. Their unique platform offers rich Resume Database Access that covers all sectors through a customized resume search tool. Prathigna has clients across industries, few of their clients include Bharath Matrimony, Talent Corner, Swiggy, P2P Manpower, DS MAX,, The Boston Group.

The teams’ understanding of the end objective/goal has always been the driving force for Prathigna’s growth in terms of revenue. “Money is the byproduct of any successful business. We at Prathigna are all set to expand and have a broad vision to establish our business in PAN India and want to invade foreign market internationally in terms of finance and resources stability. However, for the following few years we will be very crucial, as we are anticipating love and support from every other key player in this sector”, concludes Srinivas Varahagiri, Founder & Director,