Predict22: AI Powered Cricket Analytics Website

Shubham Bindlish,Founder
Shubham Bindlish, Founder

Cricket in India is not just a game, but a religion. The passion, craze, thrill, excitement and love for the game among sports enthusiasts is incomparable to any other sports of the country. With the changing times, the game of cricket has evolved to be one of the most popular games in the world assembling a fan base of more than 2.5 billion. No wonder, the implementation of technology and innovation has added more to clinch the top spot. In the past few years, it has witnessed the most advanced developments taking place. From intelligent cricket bats, cricket athlete management, visualisation, fan engagement to predictive analysis, the way of experiencing the game has changed drastically. It has opened up a new sphere – ‘Analytics in Cricket’.

Today, it is not just about what is happening on the field; it is beyond that. Identifying that the usage of analytics can generate personalized experience to viewers and change the dynamics of the game, many companies have forayed in the burgeoning space to render best-in-class solutions for all cricket lovers.

Bangalore based Predict22 is one such company that emerged with the vision to provide innovative
"As an integrated platform, Predict22 allows one to get dynamic predictions and analytics on team and player performances for all international ODIs & T20 matches and prominent domestic Leagues"

and excitingfeatures through technology to cricket fanatics. The company is the brainchild of Shubham Bindlish, an alumnus of BITS Pilani and a successful computer programmer having hands-on experience in developing big-data backed data warehouse to effectively manage and ensure correct data. His rich domain knowledge combined with the zeal to do something extraordinary boosted his confidence to make a plunge in the sports tech space. Explicating on the journey, Shubham says, “Back then in 2016, the IPL fever was high among the cricket loving people and for the high stake league championship the viewer engagement was crucial. “Delving deep into the matter, we decided to involve data analytics, and create a delightful match experience along with being a one-stop solution for all cricketing needs.”

Taking Cricket Analytics to a Whole New Level
Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Predict22 as an integrated platform allows one to get dynamic predictions and analytics on team and player performances for all international ODIs & T20 matches and prominent domestic Leagues. As a second screen platform built to enhance the live match experience for the users with analytical inputs, the website gives ball-by-ball updates and ball-by-ball analytics. The users can
check scores, schedules, and others in one simple interface.

The company performs two major analytics for all limited over cricket games. One being the pre-match win probabilities and other, the live match win probabilities. Using an Artificial Neural Network(ANN), a machine learning technique,it processes all limited over cricket games that have been played so far and highlights the pre-match favourites for a particular game. “Assigning a numerical value to signify the confidence of the prediction, we consider the number greater than 50 percent as the match favourite. Moreover, the factors in the algorithm include, but are not limited to, past performance of players or teams against the given opposition, at the given venue and in similar match situations” asserts Shubham.

Currently,the website covers international ODIs, T20 and prominent domestic leagues. Some of the key matches include Indian Premier League, Caribbean Premier League, Big Bash Twenty20 League(Australia), Super Smash Twenty20 League(New Zealand), Pakistan Super League, NatWest T20 Blast (England)and others.

Since inception, the website has acquired an attractive user base and the success rate of its pre-match predictions accounts to be 70 percent accurate. Recently, the company has incorporated football league(EPL,Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, ISL and UEFA Champions League)along with basketball (NBA) in its website and soon plans to incorporate test matches in the near future.