PrimeTrade.AI: A Full Suite Automation Enabling Trading Ecosystem

Sainath Gupta,   Founder & CEO

Sainath Gupta

Founder & CEO

The new unicorns are born only when something pivotal changes happen. One such story in the making led us to Sainath Gupta, a man with 22 years of experience in entrepreneurship and the Founder & CEO of PrimeTrade.AI, a nextgen crypto currency exchange aggregation and copy trade platform that is fuelled by blockchain. In 2015, after selling his startup Aasaanpay which happens to be India’s first MPoS, Sainath started another company called, a vanilla Deep Learning company, and since it was very early to the market, its margins were low.

As time progressed, the team got into AI based trading in stocks which had low returns, but then, in 2016 it got elevated, as they ventured into Crypto Asset trading, where they saw some success. “What we noticed was, lots of people were losing money because of lack of experience and were finding it hard to coordinate between various exchange platforms that were active. Hence, we rebranded into PrimeTrade.AI, which became one of the oldest exchange aggregators and social trade platform for crypto assets,” says Sainath, enthusiastically.

A new wave in Crypto Finance for Everyone, Everywhere!
The journey of PrimeTrade. AI has been exhilarating. Initially, the company did go through a roller coaster ride
in terms of hiring the right coding talent and the right team. However, successfully overcoming them, the team was lucky to be guided by some of the mentors who are from MIT, Google, and Facebook.

Today, the company has taken its platform to the next level, where it empowers crypto traders with an AI & Blockchain powered trading infrastructure, which makes trading easy, safe and consistent, thereby maximizing returns. Furthermore, the platform helps users manage their buys and sells on various exchanges from a single place and also helps them copy successful trades by following other successful traders. “There is a huge advantage in terms of multiparty accounting, immutable transactions, automated payments embedded and trust being in maths/cryptography, rather than any other third party platform, which can scale up very well. We leverage the latest technology to provide this kind of seamless, reliable, and hassle-free experience to our users,” mentions Dr. Aviral Sharma, CTO, PrimeTrade.AI.

Anush Swaminathan, System Architect

“One of our unique advantages is that the funds are in Users Accounts on their own exchanges and are only connected via APIs we just enable auto copy of trades, track of Profit and Loss and subscription of fees,”says Anush Swaminathan, System Architect, PrimeTrade.AI, "persons interested can check it out at"

Dr. Aviral Sharma, CTO
Based in Hyderabad and Malta and servers outside India, PrimeTrade.AI has been continuously transforming the way Crypto Assets are managed. In order to open new financial markets to everyone, everywhere, the company has opened doors to global users to trade, and invest in a simple and transparent way. It connects with multiple exchanges into a single place, shows the whole portfolio, and as well as the ability to copy trades of other successful traders, thus giving an opportunity, for better trades at lower risk.

PrimeTrade.AI empowers traders to trade on multiple exchanges from a single platform and copy leading traders on PrimeTrade.AI disruptive trading marketplace using an Blockchain & AI powered trading infrastructure, and it also gives the power to place buy, sell and stop loss simultaneously

Sainath, excited about the future of PrimeTrade.AI, concludes “We are currently working to double our master traders and triple the traders, increase the number of trades on our platform, and as well as launch our fully Decentralized platform.