Prismatic Softwares: Streamlining The Tech Space To Enable Client's Quicker Bottom Line Growth

  Sambprasad Kuvalekar,   Founder & Managing Director

Sambprasad Kuvalekar

Founder & Managing Director

The business for IT services is made up of businesses that sell IT services and associated products. These businesses do this by using the technological know-how and skills to help businesses develop, oversee, and improve their IT operations. A 13.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was calculated as the measure of the growth of the worldwide IT services industry, which increased from $3,471.35 billion in 2021 to $3,938.75 billion in 2022. A CAGR of 10.7 percent is anticipated for the market's growth, which will bring it to $5,905.09 billion in 2026. In 2020, IT teams will invest 13.6 percent more on contracting than they did in 2019. Considering that emerging economies now have lesser penetration levels than developed ones, this tendency is anticipated to be more common in such regions. As a result, it is anticipated that the market for IT services will grow due to the increase in outsourcing services during the anticipated time frame.

Prismatic Softwares, founded in 2012, is a laser-focused company that specializes on a specific spectrum of technologies and disciplines, and they take great pride in finding solutions to difficult issues within these fields. The company's core elements include trust, transparency, and innovation. Lifelong improvement is something that Prismatic Softwares promotes, and they use what they learn to help their clients' unconditional growth and success.

Marching with Futuristic
Vision An extension of its core values, Prismatic Softwares works to fulfill its vision `To provide trustworthy, innovative technology solutions which helps customers achieve bottom line growth'. Further more, the firm is keen to realize its mission which is to stay "Committed to enable customers gain market leadership by providing innovative technology solutions", states Sambprasad Kuvalekar, Founder & Managing Director. With these fundamental goals in mind, Prismatic Softwares provides cutting-edge solutions to all their clients.

Prismatic's services are curated with an emphasis on developing huge amount, realtime, mission critical mobile and web applications. Prismatic's current clientele is situated across the world in major countries including India, the US, Germany, Australia, and Singapore, and the company has gone `From Local to Global'.

"Our USP is our inhouse code generator tool 'Codeiti'. It does not use any junk library which is required to be attached with the original package. No other tool in the market does this. It saves up to 25-30 percent of the development time, hence efforts and cost", further adds Kuvalekar. Although many products feature command prompt sets that require technical proficiency to operate, the distinctive utility created by Prismatic's Codeiti also includes an intuitive User Interface that can be employed by a non-technical individual. It has facilitated their client's accelerated entry into the marketplace.

In addition, the firm strongly believes that in order to succeed in completing a project, a person needs to possess both technical and behavioral capabilities. "We believe in lean management in IT services so automation of mundane work and building a set of reusable components is the need of the hour to provide predictable delivery of projects, products to our customers", further says the Founder.
With this in mind, Prismatic Softwares has addressed numerous client concerns. For instance, while working with a client who was developing a suite of ERP products for various operational segments, Prismatic Softwares provided customization in terms of creating additional 50 masters which the product was not having earlier, but needed to advance. This would have taken around two months delays in deliveries and also customers were not willing to pay additional cost for some of them. Prismatic built those masters within three days with the help of their code generation tool and actually charged 50 percent of the development cost. This was a major relief for the client and not only proved Prismatic'sexpertise, but also their reliability.

Efficiency and precision of quality can both be increased through automation. Since the past three to four years, the company has been emphasizing that component. They are also interested in learning everything there is to know about cloud platforms, containerization techniques, and certain novelties like graph databases because these will make an impact in the social media landscape and customer distribution networks. The team at Prismatic Softwares is also engaging and investing in developing capabilities in blockchain networks, a technological choice that is currently an established one for certain areas on which they are focusing.

Among the major accomplishments of the firm the acquisition of a US based stakeholder. As a result, Prismatic was able to secure cornerstone clients and massive contracts with reasonable dependability. They have also been concentrating on gaining a client in the German marketplace for the past three to four years. Ultimately, this year marked a big turning point for the team because they collaborated with a startup in Germany that contracted with them for a few mobile development initiatives that they successfully completed from beginning to end. In terms of gaining more clients in Germany, this is a significant accomplishment and a successful first step.

Utilizing some of the most advanced technologies including Web and Mobile application development in Java, J2EE, Angular, Native Android/IOS and Hybrid mobile platforms like Flutter, Ionic, Application development in.NET/Python, UI/UX Design with tools such as Figma, AdobeXD, Sketch and Zeplin and Technology consulting in performance engineering, re-architecting the legacy stack into cutting edge stack, Cloud services, containerization; Prismatic Softwares is addressing the most pressing challenges that clients bring to the firm. Among the numerous challenges that they tackle from the client's end, most challenges revolve around the inability of rivals to offer ample or relevant customizations as well as the ability to reduce the development time and cost.

Future Roadmap
Since finding a US based stakeholder, Prismatic has set a lot of goals for its near future. The company will make a concerted effort to increase its clientele in the US. There are certain prospects in the blockchain sector, where their US equivalent has begun offering advice. The growth prospects will be outsourced to Prismatic. "We have successfully delivered mobile applications in Germany this year and so we are looking forward to doing more concrete strategic partnership with a German startup who is primarily interested in sales and off shoring", further states Sambprasad. In addition to the aforementioned two engagements, Prismatic is also working on establishing a cooperation partnership with a graph database product firm situated in the US that is rapidly growing internationally. Prismatic's first exchange with them is expected to take place fairly shortly. Prismatic is further researching the African market alongside NASSCOM's assistance and on August 22 it participated in NASSCOM's virtual meeting campaign.

Since its inception a decade ago, Prismatic Softwares has made impressive strides in terms of expanding its global footprint, advancing its technology and knowledge base continuously as well as expanding its team.Today this team of enthusiastic software engineers is contributing to globally known organizations, transforming the way their tech is working for their benefit, in a fraction of the time and cost that their competitors are offering. Having accomplished the majority of its goals thus far, the company is now gearing up for the next phase of expansion on a global scale.