PristineSofts Technology: One Stop Platform for Software Needs as per Customer Requirements

Vijay Umaluti,CEOIn today’s world, numerous little and expansive organizations are continually watchful for technological implications that can enable them to assemble strong programming and business applications in an opportune and savvy way. Their main goal is to adjust rapidly to new market challenges, enhance business execution, and use rising innovations. But as it is rightly said, in the era of trending technology space the system is often considered to be very agile. And without one having passion towards the fast pacing technological trends is predicted to have very less chances of survival or growth. Realizing that the potential of technology in the present world and identifying its essence to solve the pain-points was paramount, Bangalore based PristineSofts Technology Pvt. Ltd. came into existence. The core reason that led to the establishment of the company was the extreme passion for technology and the urge to solve the business problems by swaying technological usage & implications.

Embarked on the journey with possessing an enormous experience in the technological arena, PristineSofts is not of a kind of another tech enterprise. Vijay Umaluti, Chief Operations Officer, PristineSofts Technology speaks, “At the time of founding PristineSofts we were certain about the products and solutions that we are going to offer to businesses. We rather being a tech enterprise that offers solutions alike the companies in the similar domain, we tried to choose niche products that were constantly solving the problems of the SMEs & other enterprises. Therefore, we emerged as a company in the Software Product Development space that offers customized software products and solutions.”

Inculcating the niche strategy to revolutionize the Software Product Development space by offering customized software products, PristineSofts puts solving business problems at the center of the organization. Keeping up with the pace and overcoming the hurdles in the path, the company with its excellent aptitude towards identifying the business problems and formulating them into solutions in a unique
fashion has been able to provide incredibly easy to use services with effectively solving the business problems.

Led by an expert team of 30 people, PristineSofts has been able to generate a growth of 600 percent and is soon going to launch its million dollar software products in the upcoming year 2018

Bound to render its expertise in the IT space in every possible manner along with being proficient to proffer customized solution to every industry, be it microscale or large firms, PristineSofts proffers a gamut of solutions that are driven by the advanced technology. Constantly innovating solutions to ensure a long-term vision, Vijay mentions, “Our vision has always been intact. We tend to solve the business problems by implementing technologies, mainly in IoT, Big Data & Mobility, VOIP & Unified Communications space at the core. ”Further, he adds, “Our esteemed customers have witnessed a substantial business growth with imbibing our applications. This in return has hugely benefitted their business costs and tremendously impacted their RoI.”

Captivated to create a new market arena with disrupting innovations, PristineSofts has captured the arena with its flagship offering Getspot. With that, it first focuses on analyzing enterprise business problems and later develops the customized software solutions exclusively.

Get spot-Intelligence to On-Field/ Remote Workplace
The flagship product of PristineSofts, Getspot is a Workforce Intelligence application that helps organizations to transform their Cost centers to Profit centres. As a versatile Geo-based mobile application it gives insightful information of the on-field/remote workforce, real-time updates with a time stamp, separate travel details, and allotted assignment details. Fortifying the belief that continuous supervision helps associations with the single wellspring of truth for all the remote workforce information, PristineSofts with its one bundled tool endeavours to ensure a large portion of the clever information of a remote/field representative and their undertakings.

Elucidating on its unique features, Vijay elucidates, “Get spot gives area following of
on-field/remote workforce, which empowers constant supervision. It provides data of the time and the travel distance along with the directions from the point of origin to the point of destination. Moreover,it permits Scheduling, change, and rescheduling of the visits/ under takings of the On-Field workforce that can be overseen progressively. Moreover, it simplifies the task management, eliminates human intervention, leakage of time/travel false claims of on-field employees by providing the source of truth and thus, provides exceptional and insightful data analytics which help management to make informed decisions.”

Apart from Getspot, the other offering includes Business telecommunications-PVX and custom software applications for various businesses. Addressing the pain points of the majority of the business organizations by developing solutions as per their customized requirements at most affordable costs, the company acts as a one-stop solution for all the software needs.

Bangalore based PristineSoftsTechnology Private Limited,led by a qualitative team of 30 people, the company has been able to generate a growth of 600 percent and is soon going to launch its million dollar software products in the upcoming year 2018. “We are currently focused to enter into the markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, USA & Canada. Also, we have set a benchmark to reach 1000 workforce & 1000cr turnover in the next 3 years,” concludes Vijay enthusiastically.

Key Management :
1.Vijay Umaluti, Chief Operations Officer
2. Vinayak Sanga, Business Head

Industries they Serve :
• Healthcare
• Microfinance
• Retail
• Manufacturing
• Automotive
• Energy
• Insurance
• Utilities
• Engineering & Construction & others

Products to be Launch in 2018 :
1.PVX – First Indian made, Software based IP PBX System which is independent of hardwares.

2.Healr– An Uber for home healthcare, which is a mobile application for consumers to book professional nurses/home health care services for post-hospitalization care.