Pro Touch: Impacting Life by Creating Limitless Opportunities

 Rahul Sethi & Dr. Aparna Sethi,,   Co-FoundersThough lakhs of students graduate every year, not all grab the job they wish the main reason being a gap between the skillset and a company's requirement. Researches show that over 30 percent of companies had open positions for nearly six months due to the shortfall of skilled and qualified candidates. With the frantic revolution in technological advancements and new business practices, the skills that were required to succeed earlier are not the same as those are relevant now and will not be the same for tomorrow as well. Employees will have to become lifelong learners to remain competitive in the workplace. While the shelf-life of skills is diminishing, the need for learning and development is becoming more significant. By viewing a great opportunity in the market to take on reskilling and upskilling in the coming years and to mitigate the existing menace in the corporate training landscape, Aparna Sethi & Rahul Sethi established Pro Touch one of the most admired talent transformation and reskilling organizations enabling sustainable business and impacting organizational culture.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Pro Touch is well positioned to maximize opportunities and improve business productivity while enhancing leadership development across organizations. "We see a large number of young executives enrolling

for career enhancing programmes in the reskilling center at Gurgaon. We adapt to both conventional and unconventional approaches to maximize their learning. We are also observing an upward trend in our coaching portfolio as organizations are investing in building the capability of people leaders as coaches," says Dr. Aparna Sethi, Founder.

The company believes in training participants with what is relevant to their needs. It formulates content based on several things like current or future jobs, work environment, background, culture, individual experience and performance. With this, it focuses on 5 key areas of development which are Corporate Training, One-on-One and Team Coaching, Sales and leadership consulting services, Certification Programmes for young professionals & Executive Education Programmes from premium Institutes.

Carving a niche, the company follows a triple-play approach such as working at the intersection of L&D and Talent Management within the organization to bridge the skill gap, reskilling institutes extensively in the area of skill enhancement and youth employability and lastly partnering with the premium B-Schools around the globe to encourage business leaders in crafting and executing business strategies.

Starting with one course in its reskilling center and few corporate training assignments in the area of emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, today, it is providing 360-degree training solutions from entry-level to senior management. It imparts highly engaging corporate training, workshops and coaching services with a clear focus on results while developing holistic learning for the participants. Apart from this, Pro Touch offers consulting services in the area of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Inside Sales, and Sales Excellence.

In the short span, Pro Touch has trained over 10 thousand participants across over 100 organizations. It has successfully partnered with Times Group through which it provides executive education for working professionals from premium management institutes. "We are building our offerings to strike the optimal balance among formal learning, social learning, and experiential learning. We are shifting our focus away from merely a classic view of learning to blended experiences for active learning. This blend could include coaching, shadowing, role play, game based learning, and classroom training or e-learning. We want to continuously improve the learning experience for an employee to build knowledge and apply the necessary skills to the job," informs Rahul Sethi, Founder.