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Mohammed Shahin,Founder & Vice President

Mohammed Shahin

Founder & Vice President

While developing business applications, the IT manager must often make the important and irreversible decision of which platform to implement the solution. The most common choices were desktop or the web and mobile platform. Web application development has been seeing increasing share in the overall IS projects. However, web applications do not render themselves well to application of the traditional systems development cycle model. The traditional approach also takes lots of time to complete web application. There are various types of web applications. Some web applications deliver organizational functionality, some are designed to interactive tools, some are for communicational dialogue and others are for presentation of information and graphic design. Web development is growing and expanding its periphery. From automating web interfaces to developing mission-critical applications, web development is turning dreams into realities. One such company that cater to delivery of business functionality to the business users is Produit Solutions.

Produit Solutions is an aspiring startup company working towards excellence in Web and Mobile Application development, IT Consulting and Digital Media Solution. Produit headquartered in Kerala, are currently doing good in customizing e-Commerce applications for retails sectors. Produit started its journey in the year 2018 and the company was founded by Mohammed Shahin. Produit's vision is to create jobs in IT sector and their mission is to help and support new startups and small-time business go digital. Produit currently have clients from Malaysia, South Africa, Qatar and India who trust their service and offerings. Produit also aims in building sustainable long-term business partnering with clients by constructing clear channels basis commitment, communication, transparency, and accountability.

Diversifying Offerings to Meet Clients' Needs
In today's world, administration and management of educational institution has become a tedious and complex task. There are various activities and curriculum tasks, which needs careful planning with management control point on administrative process, systematic approach that assist students, parents, and teachers. Produit has come up with a simple solution for such needs called Pathpro. Pathpro is a web-based application designed for Complete Educational Institution Management. Pathpro is very user-friendly application and can be easily managed by any person with basic computer knowledge. Clients who make use of Pathpro are state board schools from in and around Bangalore. Along with this product, Produit also conducts secession to 8th, 9th and 10th grade students about different skill, Job opportunities and introduce them to new technologies. Based on Shahin's experience, he found out that
there was a huge gap between education sector and job market and if we do not fix this, then the rate of unemployment will be thrice as bad as what it is today, hence, giving birth to Pathpro.

Produit also have started their online retails shop in FMCG, where they sell and deliver home cooked food, fresh fish, and meat to doorstep, which they call it "FOD -Flavours Of Deccan". FOD-Flavours Of Deccan and I that has Adukkala is the food brand of Produit Solutions. FOD is a platform for those who are interested in cooking and has passion to serve food to others which is an initiative to promote home cooked food to the people. FOD is an alternative to generate revenue for women who are passionate about cooking and enjoy serving food to others. Also, a platform to help and support housewives and those who are looking for support to start their own business. Produit believes that FOD is one of the best ways to generate income from home for women or chefs who love to cook and share their homemade taste to others. FOD is also registered under FSSAI and ensures safety and good quality.

Produit Smart Billing Application (PSBA) is also one of Produit's offerings which is designed to manage time and payment tracking easier for its customers. Purpose of this application was to introduce and promote small business to go digital and paperless. It's a basic billing application for small time businessmen to manage their business using their smart phones.

Countering the Challenges
Produit understands the client's needs better as they go in depth to face their challenges and accordingly design application to overcome those challenges. Produit goes with a motto of always partnering with their clients to ensure client's operations go smooth. At Produit, they try to understand what exactly a client is looking for and what is the best possible way to provide solutions and sort out efficiently without disturbing client's day-to-day activities as Produit will dedicate itself to meet clients' requirements. Produit proposes multiple solutions and intelligent approach to mitigate the current challenges their client face. Produit also works with freelancers out in the market who come with larger experience in their respective skill set.

Distinctive Approach
Produit is a One Person Company and doesn't have any investors so far, but is expanding and will be interested in meeting like-minded personals who would like to contribute to the society. Shahin started this company to help and support youngsters or beginners to understand the insights of market space and the outside world largely to those talents who are from Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities or villages. This is just the beginning of Produit and once they are through with the current pandemic situation, then Produit has better plans to create more jobs, says Shahin.

Success and Growth that Came with Time
Produit has shown lot of upward movement in e-Commerce sector and their own brand "FOD" which has helped Produit drive towards expansion. Produit did face challenges as any other startup, but have overcome situation quit well in their journey since inception with presently 6 employees as a backbone. Currently, Produit just wants to build a strong base in Bangalore and then expand to other southern states. Along with their web application sector, Produit have recently moved into online stores for home-made Indian spices and fresh food sector, like mentioned previously. Produit will try their best in bringing multiple products to market which will be free from any sort of artificial preservatives in foods. Seeing a lot of talented housewives and women who are good in many fields waiting for a platform to showcase their talent, Produit's brand "FOD -Flavours of Deccan" shall show them the light. Along with clients focus, Produit also takes responsibility to improve the lives of people who are less fortunate and those talents found in villages around us and introduce them to the outside world and thereby helping the society prosper.

Mohammed Shahin, Founder & Vice President, Produit Solutions
He has worked for multiple MNC's and has vast experience in managing large IT Sector clients. It is with his connect that Produit Solutions is able to build a good client base ranging from IT sector, Textile Industries, Architecture, Retail, Educational Institutions and grown day by day to reach new horizons.

Office - Bangalore

Offerings - Online Store (Fresh Food and Home Cooked Food), Web and Mobile application Development, IT Consulting, Digital Media Solutions, and Ecommerce Solutions.