PROFITMART: Get the Finest Investment Experience

Rakesh Sonawane,Co-Founder

Rakesh Sonawane


The digitization of the financial sector has given rise to a futuristic and opportune space that has empowered many entrepreneurs to convert their breath taking ideas into successful ventures. The desire to make the most out of this suitable occasion incited the minds of four innovative aspirant minds Rakesh Sonawane, Niranjan Mahajan, Nayan Bhandari and Yesudasan RK, who shared a common vision of becoming the most trusted savings and investment partner through innovative products, investment strategies, and advanced technology.

The Formation
The inception of PROFITMART took place when four polymath brainboxes came together to shape-up their joint initiative of creating a new ecosystem to propagate innovative and cost effective solutions that could simplify and smooth the financial procedures for businesses and people. “We four were working in the same company and often had discussions about the scopes and opportunities in the industry. One fine day, we gathered the confidence to set about our own venture and geared-up to set-up the foundation of PROFITMART. Since we are well conversant with the financial, investment and wealth management industry, we decided to latch-on to this sector only and think-up new innovative measures to further bring momentum in the market,” narrates Rakesh, Co-Founder, PROFITMART.
What does it Functions as!
The company inaugurated itself as a plain vanilla stock broker, registered with BSE, NSE and MCX. In those times, it was to minister the needs of clients who wanted to trade into the Share and Commodity market. Gradually, the prime movers kept working on the latest requirements and crafted new products. The kind of services and products that PROFITMART puts forward can be listed as Equity, Commodity, Currency, Wealth Management Depository and Stock Pile. In an attempt to provide extra facilities to its customers, the company flags offerings such as One Point Access to All Market Segments, 100 percent Revenue Sharing to their franchisees, Client Acquisition Support, and Refer & Earn. “Our object of the exercise is to play an intrinsic role in administering people handle their surplus money. Being a fintech firm, our operations are perceivable across each and every domain. We make uniform, tailor-made or customized solutions too,” he adds.

Our object of the exercise is to play an intrinsic role in administering people handle their surplus money

To be a step ahead of the pack, PROFITMART has framed some benefactors – charging less brokerage, equipping clients with utmost leverage & flexibility, and observing a unique business sharing ratios for its franchises. The strength of the company is its team who has been ardently innovating new solutions to meet its objective. It is their hard work and sincerity of 500+ employees that has helped it climb the ladder of success. At the present date, the company owns more than 5000 franchisees spread across India. The unique attributes has earned it a client base which counts more than 100,000. Daily average transaction value is around Rs. 8000 crore (in an average, volume its transaction value comes to Rs.8000 crore rupees. With corporate home office in Mumbai and 30 home offices in the major cities of the nation, PROFITMART is making it big in the market. He says “We are present in about 2300 unique pincodes in India which compromises around 750 cities. Step by step and systematically, we are marching towards being a unicorn in the industry”.

The company is all set to move ahead and strengthen its existence in the ecosystem. Ameliorating the services is yet another major plan it has in the upcoming days. In the main, PROFITMART is aiming to become a one stop trusted financial service provider that greets all sorts of requirements.