ProIndia Healthcare: Bringing out Best Nutraceutical Products

Neeraj Kumar Suri,    Founder
Neeraj Kumar Suri, Founder

Our way of living, below par choices, excessive work pressure, lack of care and attention, over dependency on technology and unhealthy food habits has given rise to many chronic diseases such as several types of cancer,type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney diseases and obesity. Owing to the rise of such severe gremlins, the healthcare sector has espoused latest technologies to streamline devices that could help people maintain a robust lifestyle. Medical representatives have been preaching and encouraging people through experts to indulge in physical activities and eat a healthy diet. At this moment in time, several healthcare companies are using newest of technologies like AI, Genome sequencing, Healthcare trackers, wearable and sensors and many others which have wholly altered their functionalism. This affirmative approach has straighthened and eased out people’s queries and needs as well. One such company that has come to the aid of people is ProIndia Healthcare which has been catering the Advanced
Medical Nutrition segment of the country by formulating healthful products.

"ProIndia Healthcare is associated with renowned healthcare companies/ insti-tutions like Apollo, Fortis, Defence hospitals, HCG, Rainbow and others"

Possessing extensive knowledge and experience of the Pharma industry, Neeraj Kumar Suri alongside Rachna Suri (Co-Founder), came to the decision to set a healthcare company that could assist people to improve their health or deal with any sort of ailment. For this, the company is manufacturing products such as Oroalbumen, Renoalbumen, Oroalbumen–DM & Osmoset that contains unique dietary components. In the span of two-three months, the company is launching new product - Omega Up Syp (Omega 3 fatty acids). The main ingredient of these products is albumen protein which are obtained from peerless sources and are present in its purest form. The albumen protein is the best quality protein that contains all essential nutrients and amino acids. “The unique and wide range of salubrious products that we offer has enticed the medical community so much so that today we hold a strong position in the healthcare segment,” voices Neeraj, Founder, Proindia Healthcare.

ProIndia Healthcare has grown like a Topsy over the last two years. In its initial days, the company operated in only 10 states whereas now it has its foot set in all the
major states of the country. It has made tremendous forward movements in terms of revenue. At the start it minted about two crores rupees which in the present climate have surged to about three crores. The credit for these great achievements goes to the entire team of ProIndia Healthcare. More than 30 professionals are whole heartedly working towards reaching professionals so that benefits are passed onto needy /sufferer.“At present we are associated with renowned healthcare companies/institutions like Apollo, Fortis, Defence hospitals, HCG, Rainbow and others,” says he.

The company’s breadth of view is to become global company. It is desirous of launching products that are more innovative and are available at affordable prices. To which he adds, “We are continuously up-grading our products and services. Our main intention is to offer quality products. The company has chalked out plans to initiate a global business and is all set to shape up this vision by 2022.

In a few well-chosen words, ProIndia Healthcare can be described as one of the finest companies that has been catering the needs and wants of the Nutrition Segment. It believes in the concept of a sound mind is in sound body. And with that thought in mind, it is working on the production of best quality nutraceutical products for betterment of society in term of good health.