PROV: Organising the Un-Organised Sector

 DP Jhawar, Co-Founder & CEO ,   Shalin Khanna, Co-Founder & CMO

DP Jhawar, Co-Founder & CEO

Shalin Khanna, Co-Founder & CMO

The growing working population & demand for quality hygienic food in India has caused a paradigm shift in food consumption patterns. Demand for right and consistent quality led to the substantial increase in share of branded packaged goods in the overall food market. One sector which is yet to get organized in a big way is Dry Fruits and Healthy Snacks segment Historically Dry fruits were always treated as a Novelty product and used for gifting purpose only but now its becoming a Daily ingredient in Indian Public diet.

The Indian Dry fruits industry size is 50000 crs as of FY22 and out of this only 10 percent is organized and rest is completely unorganized. This Organised Branded Dry Fruits Industry is set to grow to 18000 crs i.e 3.6x in next four years(25 percent CAGR) primarily led by increasing awareness of health needs post Covid, Increasing Disposable Income levels, Consistent Quality and product communication and better availability of hygienic packaging. To take advantage of this opportunity, various firms have emerged with the mission of promoting and delivering dry fruits like ‘Prov Foods', a Mumbai based Pvt Limited firm.

Prov has been at the forefront of providing customers with nutritious snacks and dry fruits of the highest possible quality. Prov differentiates itself from other players in some critical areas: Prov has been able to develop 45+ Global Sourcing partners across 8+ countries , which ensures they deliver best and consistent quality at best available price . And to capture the massive growth in this
under penetrated Industry, they have a strong and Professional Management Team with deep domain cumulative experience of 100+ years in Agri commodities and supply chain. Prov Foods uses NABL authorized labs to conduct numerous tests on all of their raw materials and final goods. "Quality is always given top importance by us. With this regard itself, we do our entire processing, sorting, flavoruring, roasting and entire product development in house. We are aware that for a brand to be scaleable and sustainable, quality for customers cannot be compromised", says D.P. Jhawar, Co-Founder & CEO Prov Foods.

Brand `ProV' has 90+ SKUs across six sub-brands covering a Mix of traditional produce and Value Added products within the Dry fruit, Nuts & Seeds segment. Prov products have MRPs starting from Rs.20/- to Rs.3000+/- per packet, in pack sizes ranging from 18gm to 1kg to cater all segments of Indian Consumer market.

Shalin Khanna, Co-Founder & CMO

"Our vision is to make dry fruits and healthy snacks available to each and every Indian.India is changing and India is growing. Indian consumers want healthy products and healthy snacks. With this regard, We have recently launched six products of Rs.20 & Rs.30 packed healthy snacks based on dry fruits which is a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks available at your retail store. We forsee the Indian healthy snacking Industry to be a whopping 60000 crs in next 10 years ­ a large chunk belongs to our specialty of healthy snacking. We have an gamut of products from economical range to high premium range depending upon customer needs and our value added segment is getting equal great traction from consumers. In the 6 months, several new and exciting products are to be launched such as Almond Chips, Almond Milk powder, Dry Fruits Chikkis, Almond Bread, Dry Fruits Bars etc. We are very well positioned to capture a large chunk of this growing sector", Shalin Khanna CMO Prov Foods.

Future Roadmap
Prov Foods understand this market is under penetrated and has many multiple growth drivers. In next 10 years, organised dry fruits and healthy snacks industry is set to reach $10 billion. Moving forward, our focus is on providing large range of healthy product alternative with premium quality to Indian consumers, says DP Jhawar. Now Indian consumer want branded dry fruits and healthy products and Prov being a large brand player in this category, will be a great enabler and set to be a market leader in future.