Provilac Dairy Farm: Delivering Untouched and Unadulterated Milk at Your Doorsteps

Siddharth Runwal,Founder & Director

Siddharth Runwal

Founder & Director

Today, every thing we consume right from a pinch of turmeric powder to even a glass of cow milk has been adulterated. As per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India report in 2012, nearly 70 percent of milk in the country is diluted with water, milk powder or contained impurities like urea, liquid formaldehyde and detergent solution which even endanger to human health. It's little wonder that a sprouting tribe of health conscious Indians are switching to fresh and organic cow milk because they are n’t ready to compromise with their early morning glass of nutrition and also their well being. This reason was good enough for Siddharth Runwal to start Provilac Dairy Farm which not just avoids adulteration or additives but also gives healthier milk from Gir cows which contains A2 beta-casein.

Renowned as a sole supplier of A2 milk, a variety which contains A2 beta-casein that is proven for better health results compared to normal A1 milk brands in the market, Provilac is using fresh from the farm - to - table approach to offer un-touched and ‘clean labelled’ milk at doorsteps. Siddharth Runwal,
Director, Provilac Dairy Farm began, “My 10 years of vast experience in the dairy industry in New Zealand helped me set up Provilac. Milk being an amazing food, our dairy farm is delivering it in all its natural ways to public. We believe that it's a clean and clear cut win for us-if we are able to deliver hormoneree, untouched milk to homes, and customers would definitely take it up.”

Started with eight families, today, Provilac has grown to a leading supplier of A2 milk to more than 3000 families in Pune and Mumbai along with a strong network of retail business

The farm offers fresh milk under three categories - A2 milk from Gir cows, Raw Milk and Pasteurized Homogenized Milk. Apart from this, Provilac produces fresh and tasty chocolate, coffee and vanilla milks, all in organic way. Runwal says, “A2 milk, which is a healthier and premium variety of milk, is leading a revolution in the dairy industry across the world and it already holds a major market share in Australia, US and New Zealand. Awareness on A2 milk consumption is gearing up in India, as well and Provilac is happy to be a part of it.” He continues, “All our products have ‘clean label’ which means no artificial flavours or any other chemicals are added. We use high quality chocolate with 80 percent coco content and real vanilla extract
for chocolate and vanilla milks. For coffee milk, we roast the beans, grind them and get the decoction through a hygiene way to make tastier and fresh coffee milk.”

Started with eight families, today, Provilac has grown to a leading supplier of A2 milk to more than 3000 families in Pune and Mumbai along with a strong network of retail business. Logistics was a great challenge for the firm to deliver fresh milk on-time; to mitigate this problem the firm embraced the possibilities of technology. Provilac’s technology upgradation covers customized software which takes care of all subscription requirements. Being one of the promising organic dairy farms using technology, company's lucrative application of software for route mapping and route optimization makes their logistics a hassle-free part of business.

In terms of organizational culture, the company strictly follows ‘Do What's Right’ principle. Siddharth adds, “Every employee in the firm undergoes an induction programme and regular training sessions. Provilac will continue delivering quality products under clean label. That’s the strength of our organization which helps us to continue with around 5.5 -6 crores of turnover.” In terms of future developments, Provilac is coming up with more clean labelled dairy as well as non dairy products along with some protein rich products. As far as business expansion is concerned, the firm is also planning to move into major cities in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad.