PTD Cleantech Solutions: Driving Innovation & Sustainability in Clean Room Engineering for High-Tech Industries

  Pieter Doms,   Founder & CEO

Pieter Doms

Founder & CEO

The semiconductor industry drives technological progress, powering advancements in AI, IoT, and 5G. It serves as the foundation for innovation, enabling the development of cutting-edge electronic devices and systems. Likewise, PTD Cleantech Solutions India(PTD-CS), head quartered in Pune, is a pioneering engineering firm specializing in clean room technology, controlled environment, and plant engineering solutions for the semiconductor industries. Established in February 2018, PTD-CS carries forward the legacy of CRC Engineering Belgium and CRC Hi-Tech Engineering Germany in India, leveraging their expertise and experience.

“PTD-CS was founded in India with the vision of providing niche engineering skills required for the booming semiconductor manufacturing sector. Recognizing the country's potential for industrial growth and increasing exports, especially in the semiconductor industry, PTDCS aimed to offer end-to-end engineering services while being closer to its clientele. The mission of the company is to provide custom-made plant and clean room engineering solutions, ensuring the highest quality and accurate realization for its high-tech industry customers”, explains Pieter Doms, Founder & CEO, PTD Cleantech Solutions.

Unique Services & Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing Sector
PTD-CS offers a range of services, including engineering, procurement assistance, and construction management for semiconductor manufacturing /ATMP (Assembly, Testing,
Marking, and Packing) facilities. The firm’s expertise encompasses conceptual engineering, site layout planning, building engineering, clean room engineering, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), clean utilities, black utilities, BMS (Building Management System), and safety and security. “PTD-CS's USP lies in its ability to effectively translate innovations into engineering solutions, offering a result-oriented approach. By providing comprehensive services from idea inception to successful realization, the company aims to sustain its competitive advantage. With a focus on excellence, passion, connectedness, and integrity, PTD-CS values are deeply ingrained in the company's policies and processes, reflecting its commitment to delivering unparalleled services”, states Pieter.

Furthermore, PTD-CS places significant emphasis on customer validation, employing continuous feedback mechanisms throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle. The invaluable feedback received serves as a foundation for devising improvement strategies, ultimately ensuring unwavering customer satisfaction. In addition, as the landscape of next generation technologies rapidly evolves, PTD-CS effectively leverages its core strengths, namely its dedication to reduced environmental impact, optimum turnaround time, minimized capital and operational costs, and overall operational efficiency. These qualities position PTD-CS as the preferred choice for customers seeking cutting-edge solutions. “To underscore its commitment to quality, PTD-CS meticulously adheres to the requirements outlined by ISO 9001-2015. With the goal of obtaining certification by year-end, the company diligently follows tailored engineering deliverable workflows on the One drive platform. This meticulous approach ensures thorough review processes and unwavering adherence to stringent quality standards”, adds Pieter.

Nevertheless, while operating as a youthful startup, PTD-CS encountered challenges in fostering active collaboration with installation contractors. However, through the adept utilization of interpersonal relationships, the company successfully overcame these obstacles, resulting in the effective management and containment of project overruns. This achievement showcases PTDCS's ability to navigate challenges and deliver successful outcomes, establishing it as a trusted and reliable partner.

Hence, as a cleantech products and services company, PTDCS envisions itself entailing into semiconductor projects in India and continuously delivering unparalleled excellence in clean room engineering services. With the next decade being dubbed as the Tech'ade for India, the company anticipates substantial growth and aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the industry over the next five years. “As India's manufacturing sector flourishes, PTDCS is well-positioned to play a crucial role in the country's industrial growth and become a permanent choice for customers seeking innovative clean room engineering solutions”, concludes Pieter.