Purple Seed Creative Solutions: Spreading its Footprints across the Globe with End-to-End Digital Marketing Solution

(L-R)Rhea Chugh, Ashvat Bharti & Zara Lakdavala,Co-FoundersWith the increasing use of smartphones and the internet, a business's prominent online presence plays a vital role in its growth and customer reach. In order to sustain the long-term growth of any business, it has now become more crucial than ever to identify better strategies to target the correct audience. In this context, Social media has risen to prominence as the most influential and important virtual space, where the platform is used not only for social networking but also as a powerful tool for digitally promoting one's brand and products. Further, the Pandemic has played a major role in boosting Social Media Marketing, and more of the world's daily life has shifted into virtual environments. Due to the growth in this field, new enterprises have emerged that offer innovative, creative, and holistic Social Media Marketing solutions for brands.

Significantly, Purple Seed Creative Solutions is one such fastest flourishing marketing agencies that was founded in 2018 by three friends Rhea Chugh, Zara Lakdavala and Ashvat Bharti, all of whom have prior marketing experience. "Having witnessed a huge gap in the agency industry, where organizations were unable to match their goals and objectives with the customers'
requirements, we decided to establish an agency with the vision of ensuring brands attain their objectives by collaborating with us” signifies Zara.

Purple Seed Creative Solutions strives to be an advantageous partner to every brand it works with

Purple Seed Creative Solutions has poisoned itself as a 360 marketing firm, attempting to provide its clients with a one stop solution from social media management, performance marketing, content creation, website & app creation, to branding services. Moreover, it strives to be an advantageous partner to every brand it works with. Most other agencies focus on simply meeting deliverables month after month, whereas the firm not only offers deliverables but also ensures while meeting those deliverables, it is also achieving objectives across several digital platforms. Purple Seed is always willing to go an extra mile to ensure that the brand is benefiting by being on those platforms.

Purple Seed develops strategies and prepares various communications that it considers would appeal to the target audience before the creation process in which it builds a content strategy for the brand. Simultaneously, the performance marketing team works on a budget approved by the brand and devises an effective strategy for a tangible result. "Social media marketing is not all about trying new things every day. We believe that being able to express your message clearly and effectively is the key to efficiently reaching out to your target audience," signifies Rhea.

Since its inception, the firm has grown exponentially and carved a niche for itself in the industry. Purple Seed is manned with 35 professionals and has customers from across the nation as well as from Singapore, Dubai, UK, America, and Canada. When it comes to its clientele the firm doesn't limit itself to a particular industry and has worked with clients in various industrial verticals. And as it forges ahead, Purple Seed hopes to reach out to businesses of all sizes and be able to provide services to anyone who necessitates them. "We aspire to be the top agency in India with our strategies aligned to pioneer and to be thought leaders in the content space as well as be able to generate content for brands that is a breath of fresh air for customers,"concludes Ashvat.