QA: Assisting Businesses to Sustain Brand Growth with Result-driven Digital Marketing Strategies

Micky Singh,Designated Partner

Micky Singh

Designated Partner

The idea of originating a start-up comes from the desire to create something new and exciting aligned with hard work and result-driven strategies to attain certain tangible goals. When opportunities in heretofore unexplored areas are uncovered that call for solutions to their challenges, start-ups are born and the minds behind those start-ups make every effort to deliver results.

Specializing in performance and research-based business, and brand digital marketing strategies and campaigns, QA was established in 2017 to address client needs, help them to grow their markets and increase brand loyalty. "We are a young and dynamic team with a comprehensive knowledge and experience in the digital sphere. Combining that with our passion for technology, we connect with target markets and audiences for our clients," says Micky Singh, Designated Partner.

Partnered with 4D, a digital agency based in Toronto, Canada, QA offers global marketing solutions to its clients and an exchange of ideas and information that makes it stronger as an agency. QA was founded on the principle to offer performance marketing and digital marketing strategies and campaigns that deliver real and tangible results to Indian
and international brands. "Our motto is simple: `If our clients grow, we grow'. Our research-based approach to each project means diving deep into the data to fully understand the client's needs, and then how to address them. We know where to look and how to effectively utilize the data to craft successful outcomes," he adds.

Armed with expertise from all areas of digital marketing, from full-fledged brand and marketing strategies to social media campaigns and website design and development, QA has gained recognition for the quality of its work and the results achieved for clients. One has to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of digital marketing to be a part of the QA team. Expertise in understanding how to identify and communicate with not only domestic but global audiences is also a major criterion to join the team along with being tech-savvy and forward-thinking.

Our motto is simple: If our clients grow, we grow

"We like people who think `out of the box' and aren't constrained by formula or traditional approaches to solving problems. A good sense of humor is a big asset too," Micky adds. The company also believes in being collaborative and sensitive. For example, it has allowed its employees to decide allowed its employees to decide how they want to work (i.e., from home), and maintained all hygiene measures in its workspace during the pandemic.

With a team strength of about twenty-five members, QA values the opinion of all its members in the workspace. "Every individual is a leader in our company who has the right and the opportunity to suggest, and drive any initiative that leads to individual as well as collective growth," Micky states. To streamline this process, a leadership group with department heads across product development, account management, digital marketing, HR and creative services collaborate with their teams and decide on the way forward with the agency head, Roop Ghosh.

Encouraging its team to continuously improve their skill sets, the company invests in the relevant knowledge-gaining programs that its employees are willing to pursue. By providing such flexible work options, QA is creating the foundation for sustainable growth for both the organization and its employees. "We want to expand our operations to other metros over the next couple of years and be recognized as the home for the best talent in the digital marketing space," Micky concludes.