Qber Asset Advisors LLP: Enriching Clients with Unbiased Investment Advice

Adityavikram Dube,FounderOver the past few years, fee based Financial Advisors have been gaining significance as investors appreciate the investment advice and recommendation which is independent of brokerage or commission earned on investment products. Investors are realizing that just like Doctors and Lawyers, they need a professional Financial Advisor by their side, to guide them through their investment/financial journey. Unlike Relationship Managers(RM) with Financial Institutions, Financial Advisors provide investors with much needed consistency, stability, longevity and accountability much appreciated by the clients today. Founded by Adityavikram Dube, Qber Asset Advisors LLP is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm dedicated towards advisory on financial instruments in the market.

The firm advises HNI's, Ultra HNI's as well as Family Offices across India on Mutual Funds(MF), Stocks, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Bonds, PMS (Portfolio Management Services), AIF(Alternate Investment Funds), Private Equity Funds and Real Estate Funds, while advising clients on stock portfolio is one if its strongest proposition. SEBI Registered Investment Advisors(RIA) do not earn brokerage or commission on invest ment products advised but instead charge a fee to the client hence making the entire advisory process completely independent of brokerage or commission bias. Clients also benefit as investment in Mutual Funds, PMS and AIF are routed through 'Direct Plans'
which carry much lower expense ratio as compared to 'Regular Plans'.

Growing with its Clients
Equity markets have been a source of generating wealth for investors having indepth knowledge about companies, market and economic cycles along with phenomenal discipline and patience. Likewise, knowledge of debt markets has helped investors beat Fixed Deposit returns. Successful entrepreneurs or professionals seldom have free time for their family let alone time to study their portfolio or research on companies or investment products. Therefore, they need a Qber Asset Advisors LLP, which brings all the above on table thus enabling clients to spend much needed free time with family rather than researching companies or investment ideas on weekends!

The differentiating factor that separates Qber from other players in the market is that the firm truly believes in growing with its clients. Hence charges an advisory fee as a percentage of assets under management which implies if the aum grows their earnings grow. So, if they fore see a significant correction in equity markets, they advise clients to go under weight equity to protect or minimize portfolio downside. Advisory fee model enables the firm to `call a spade spade' when it comes to financial products and/or remain under weight equity when markets are overheated.

The clients come to Qber with some pre defined goals and the firm dedicates itself towards understanding what the client really wants. Post which a detailed tailor made investment plan is chalked out for the client.

Boutique Model for truly tailor made investment advice
The firm's boutique model helps in providing truly personalized and tailor made financial advice to each client based on his requirements, goals, time horizon and risk appetite. Probably that is the reason why Qber has not had the need to advertise till date and has grown by leaps and bound by client referrals only. The firm takes pride in the fact that for more than 95 percent of its clients, it is the sole Financial Advisor! Qber added another feather to the cap when it was awarded as one of the best emerging Registered Advisory Firm within seven months of operation by Wealth Forum.

On the research front, Qber does detailed analysis of debt and equity markets and explains its research and strategies thoroughly to clients so that they can make informed decisions at the right time. Qber does all the above while keeping client portfolio simple and liquid. It also believes, that more often vanilla products outperform so called exotic products on a posttax, post expense and post profit share basis.
Over the past five years Qber's revenues have grown 10 times while Profit AfterTax has grown 149 times. Due to its philosophy of providing personalized tailor-made investment advice to client's which requires a lot of personal attention, Qber does not intend on opening any branch offices across India as of now.