Qormotho: Rendering Top Notch Professional Services to Overseas Companies

Asad Mohammad Akber, Co-Founder & CEO,Kamal Uddin Gazi Jishan, Co-Founder, Ahmad Ata Hamid, Co-Founder

Asad Mohammad Akber, Co-Founder & CEO

Kamal Uddin Gazi Jishan, Co-Founder, Ahmad Ata Hamid, Co-Founder

Every crisis is an opportunity! COVID-19 surely has negatively impacted the global economy, but for learners, it is an opportunity to up their sleeves and pursue uninterrupted knowledge online. However, it is indeed required that e-learning companies look beyond providing just prep or K-12 courses. Aligned to this dire need, companies now are disrupting online learning by introducing various need-of-the-hour courses. School of Legal Educatiaon (SOLE) is one such unique initiative aimed to bring the knowledge of the Indian Legal System to the doorstep of every person.

It is a user-friendly online coaching institute with an exclusive focus on everything legal in India, including all the popular law subjects, technical articles for thesis & research, current affairs and more. SOLE encourages e-learning and is designed to provide specialized support to its learners at an

affordable fee without undergoing a usual burdensome and prolonged law program. “We offer law certificate courses by way of online educational lectures (pre-recorded) which are accompanied with customized course e-books; all through a personalized online classroom space provided on our website www.schooloflegal (dashboard)so as to enable the learners to learn at their own pace and convenience; both inside and outside the classroom. The courses are concise, straight forward, and easy to understand. Every course is concluded within a maximum of one month's time and learners are allowed to undertake a self-evaluation test (optional). The lectures can be undertaken any number of times within a span of 1 month at users own pace and suitability. Right Law the Right Way is our motto, and we sincerely stand by it to ensure its accomplishment,” says the founder, Ms. Surbhi Aggarwal, Advocate (B.A. LL.B).

“Qormotho’s team upholds the slogan ‘we are qormotho’ which means ‘we are hard working‘

One-of-a-kind Offering
The company is currently offering 28 law courses at affordable prices. “Our Main Courses are the ones that are taught in law colleges. These are meticulously designed by our legal content team, spearheaded by the founder, in a way that will ease the technical difficult law concepts and present them in a very concise, visually appealing (flow charts, ppts), and interesting manner. The aim is to make the users ‘want’ to learn law by making it fascinating and exciting. All of these are accompanied by downloadable e-books. Every course has about 9-10 lectures of varied timings that can be accessed from students' personal classrooms through the website. Surbhi adds, “Alternatively, We also offer numerous Special Courses that cover specific controversial topics that students usually use for research purposes or to write research papers such as White-collar Crimes, Juvenile Justice, Prenatal Diagnostics Techniques Act, Medical Negligence in India, Patenting of Medicines in India, Geographical.