QuadSun Solar: Making a Significant and Lasting Contribution towards Greener India

Prakash Bhalekar,Co-Founder and CEO

Prakash Bhalekar

Co-Founder and CEO

India has lagged in the race of adopting renewable energy sources for many decades now. However, since the new Government of India took over in 2014, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been largely emphasizing on driving renewable means of energy to fix India’s chronic power issues and reduce the coal consumption for power generation. Mr. Modi quoted solar energy as the “ultimate solution” to India’s growing energy crisis. Set up in 2014, QuadSun Solar Private Limited is one such firm which was quick enough to realize the potential of solar in clean energy generation. Recognized by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy [MNRE], QuadSun Solar is driven by the idea of developing a product that would generate usable energy at prices that would compete with coal.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, QuadSun Solar is recognized for its unique concentrated solar thermal offerings that have pushed the limits of several areas of technology. “We use highly accurate mirrors to focus sharply on to our receivers. Our concentration is 700 times which means that the receiver is looking at a 700 times brighter sun. This high concentration requires very accurate tracking, and the
electronics and software that enable this are very innovative. The heat generated from our parabolic dishes besides serving the domestic hot water needs, enables several applications such as waste water evaporation, agricultural drying, solar air-conditioning, steam cooking and many more,” says Prakash Bhalekar, CEO, QuadSun Solar Pvt Ltd. QuadSun’s flagship product CST H 3500is one of the most efficient, commercially available solar thermal products in the world. The company has also developed its own high-tech water evaporator which addresses the waste-water problem by making use of solar and wind energy. This evaporator uses less than half the energy of the current best in class.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, QuadSun Solar is recognized for its unique concentrated solar thermal offerings that have pushed the limits of several areas of technology

With over three decades of experience, QuadSun Solar is celebrated for its significant efforts towards delivering low cost reliable solar energy solutions combined with innovations of optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, power electronics and tracking algorithms.“On a good day, QuadSun can produce up to 400 percent more energy per unit area than other non tracking solar technologies. The high concentration combined with tracking, means the system is
always pointing at the sun, gathering the most of the sun’s rays and converting it power. Our systems use half the space as compared to other technologies and a low footprint is the outcome of tracking the sun and high concentration, ”shares Prakash. Thus, QuadSun Solar reduces the burning of fossil fuels for heating purposes with its CST product, it prevents waste water from entering the streams and rivers with its custom-made evaporators and the firm also maximizes power from the normal PV panels by providing low cost efficient sun trackers. These innovations have helped QuadSun in delivering low cost reliable solar energy in the form of heat, power or both, translating into unique solutions like electricity and hot water from a single system.

Paving the Path Ahead
The constant hardwork of QuadSun’s team and its dedication towards delivering quality to its customers has helped them in successfully serving several organizations across world including Manipal Hospitals, ITC, IFFCO, Aster DM Healthcare and Apollo Hospitals. Throwing light on the future road map of the firm, Prakash concludes, “We have a very innovative, best in class performing solar thermal product that is made in India, started in India and in the coming years we would like to serve the world with this product. Our company is already making it easier to choose sun as a fuel source and as deployments grow we will make larger contributions towards reducing carbon footprint as well.We already hold a strong presence in the country and for next three years we are focused towards multiply our revenue by 4-5 times per year.”