Questta Learrning: Redefining Education through Technology & Student-centric Learning Experiences

Srishti Bansal, Chief Executive Officer

Srishti Bansal

Chief Executive Officer

The Indian EdTech industry is experiencing rapid expansion, poised to achieve a remarkable market size of $10 billion by 2025. This growth is propelled by increased internet accessibility, a demand for upskilling opportunities, and the recognition of EdTech's pivotal role in enhancing learning outcomes. In 2020, the market was valued at $750 million, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 39.77 percent, surging to $4 billion by 2025.

However, the EdTech industry grapples with challenges such as the quality of learning resources, access and inclusion, teacher support and training, personalized learning, and data security. Enter Questta Learrning, specializing in providing schools, universities, and educational institutes with a comprehensive suite of high-quality educational content, that addresses these challenges head-on. The firm reshapes education through diverse and innovative materials like engaging textbooks, interactive digital resources, and immersive e-learning modules.

Vision for Educational Transformation
At Questta Learrning, the vision is to revolutionize education by providing students with the best-in-class learning experience. “We firmly believe that every student deserves access to excellent education, and we are dedicated to putting students at the center of everything we do.
Our mission is to curate educational content that is not only accessible but also innovative, ensuring that students can engage with learning materials in a meaningful way”, speaks Srishti. The firm envisions a world where students can learn any-time, anywhere, and on any device. Through strategic collaborations with renowned EdTech companies and an unwavering dedication to cutting-edge research and development, Questta endeavors to maintain its position at the forefront of the e-learning industry. With a focus on innovation, Questta is committed to revolutionizing education and shaping the future of e-learning.

Questta Learning is dedicated to enhancing student learning through technology, research, and manual content creation. The firm focus on crafting unique and student-friendly educational material of exceptional quality. Their services include textbook solutions, live doubt-solving sessions, and SEO content creation. With a commitment to excellence, Questta Learning empowers students on their educational journey. “Our goal is to provide schools, universities, and educational institutes with a wide range of high-quality, educational content that can be used to support and enhance the learning experience for students. This can help schools, universities, and educational institutes keep pace with the latest advancements in education technology and stay competitive in an increasingly digital landscape”, adds Srishti.

Efficient Process for Exceptional Content
Questta Learrning follows a methodical approach to efficiently provide its services. The process begins with a thorough understanding and planning phase, analyzing the client's requirements, goals, and target audience. Based on this information, a comprehensive project outline is created, including timelines, objectives, and milestones. Skilled teams with the necessary expertise are assembled, and the content creation team develops course materials with attention to quality and consistency. Internal quality checks ensure adherence to standards, addressing any identified issues promptly. Modifications based on feedback further enhance the content's quality and readability. The finalized content is then delivered to the client, accompanied by technical support. Feedback is actively sought to continuously improve the process and deliver exceptional client experiences.

The firm actively collaborates with renowned platforms, benefiting students worldwide by enabling convenient access to educational content through the Internet and technology. The goal is to expand these partnerships and extend services to more ed-tech platforms, reaching a broader student audience and fulfilling diverse content requirements. This expansion aligns with Questta Learrning's core objective of offering comprehensive educational solutions. By continuously seeking new collaborations and opportunities, the company remains dedicated to expanding its reach and making a significant impact in the education sector.