QuickCompany: Hassle-Free Online – Company & Trademark Registration

Manmeet Singh,Founder Manmeet Singh believes himself to be a procrastinator by nature. He recalls an incident where he had postponed filing his tax returns for three years. As expected, govt. sent him a notice letter to file his ITR. With no further delay, he met a bunch of CA’s, who naturally claimed more money to get his work done. Manmeet realized that this was not working for him. He wondered ‘if he alone is facing this in Delhi, what about the others.’ He rushed back home and Googled for Company Registrars online. To his surprise, he could not find any!

In 2014, pitching in on a website for next couple of months’ duration, Manmeet launched QuickCompany. It turned out that VakilSearch and IndiaFilings, who had been in the business way before QuickCompany did not have a strong internet presence. Elaborating on the founding story Manmeet recalls, “I had no knowledge of Company Act and Intellectual Property. I was misled at times by the CA’s and Trademark Attorneys, as they would misconstrue information about procedures and
pricing. Finally, I sat down with my development team and we figured out that IP and CA is not ‘Rocket Science’. Being engineers, we started studying law. However, we now know the majority of sections, laws by heart.”

Transparency – At Every Step!

QuickCompany redefines the element of trust and transparency in their entire process of company and trademark registration services. Explaining the simplicity of their online platform, Manmeet says, “Technically, Govt. of India has taken a lot of initiatives, i.e., if you actually do all your paperwork on time, you can get your company registered within 5 days. However, if you go to CA, it will be a waste of time. He will tell you stuff you don’t have to know. He’ll over charge you. He will prey on your fears. However, our online platform on the other hand will help our customers save all those money and put it to good use, and help them focus on shaping their dreams. Easy way to define this is, check for your company name availability (Pvt. Ltd., LLP, & OPC), select, upload all the documents online, and make the payment. Voila! You are done.”

Delivering sure bet solutions related company and trademark registrations, QuickCompany is known to have helped more than 15,000+ companies register through their online platform. Being the first of its kind in the space, they have been offered funding from some of the big giants in the industry like Matrix, Accenture amongst others.
Choosing not to opt for typical startup trend, QuickCompany picks to go ahead in bootstrap mode and focuses on the execution and quality aspect of improving the platform. “We are having a pretty lean team, as we don’t believe in ‘the more people the better the company’ slogan. We give priority more towards quality and not the quantity. We would rather be bootstrapped, than take funding,” says Manmeet.

Delivering sure bet solutions related company and trademark registrations, QuickCompany is known to have helped more than 15,000+ companies register through their online platform

QuickCompany definitely has a unique aura that defines them in the space, and is sure to make an impact in the coming years. Highlighting the future plans Manmeet says, “We actually have to believe in what we do and you don’t have to really get any help. Once you have figured that out. Success is inevitable. For us right execution matters the most. In the coming years we will be omnipresent in the online – company & trademark registration market.”